California Auditor: 1,000 State-licensed Facilities Match Sex Offenders’ Addresses

This is one of those stories that truly has me shaking my head with sadness. Hell, I could even go online right now and cross check addresses, it’s not that hard. While I can admit to not having the perfect solution to a problem this large, this is pretty damn unacceptable and the State had better fix it.

This is stunning to me that the state takes kids away from parents because they claim the state can provide better care and more qualified? Yet this audit clearly shows issues. This is a perfect example of government failure and people not doing their job to the best of their ability.

While this audit is unacceptable, hopefully real solutions can be implemented with a successful action plan and follow up.

Here are highlights from both CNN and the Sacramento Bee.

  •  The California state auditor has found that more than 1,000 state-licensed facilities — including more than 600 for kids — matched addresses in the sex-offender registry, saying oversight mechanisms lag behind state requirements
  • Specifically, the report said that 677 foster and group homes and other state-licensed facilities for children matched sex offenders’ addresses, as well as 385 state-licensed facilities for vulnerable adults.
  • The report found that Sacramento County had the highest number of deaths of children who had previous involvement with the child welfare system, out of the three counties reviewed
  • Auditors detailed several cases in which Sacramento County social workers made questionable decisions in cases that ultimately resulted in death. The report found that the county hasn’t always reviewed such cases, or followed through on the lessons from them.
  •  For instance, in one case that went unreviewed, CPS failed to put children in protective custody for 11 days even though their mother had allegedly killed one of her children, the audit found
  • The state social services agency “generally agreed” with the auditor’s findings and outlined an action plan in response to several recommendations, the auditor said.


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