Where is the Oakley News Coverage Now?

I found myself rather disappointed Sunday and Monday mornings to scan the news section for Oakley to see there was no coverage of all the wonderful things that transpired over the weekend for the City of Oakley. In a world of negative outlooks, it’s rather refreshing to see many good things occurring in the community.  Unfortunately, the media knows good press does not sell papers. Rather than creating a positive atmosphere, the events went uncovered.

Yes, everyone loves to read about a good crisis but you do a disservice to the community by ignoring positive items. It’s actually rather pathetic because it doesn’t have to be that way. Fair and balanced news coverage does not mean focus on only the negative; it means you cover both the good and bad events as they occur.

While I realize the media did post the event announcements on 11/30, a little follow up covering the event would be beneficial to the community—as well as build credibility as a journalist.  Here are a few highlights from this past weekend in talking point form.

Maybe the media will decide to pick it up and do a more in-depth story or follow up.

Mayors Walk & Talk – yes, it may have been chilly, but the Mayor and a group of about 7 walked to discuss what has recently occurred around Oakley. There was discussion about a motorcycle cop who was injured while on duty and the bike needs to be replaced. A lady attend discussed a new program that helped her save her home. There was discussion on the Friends of Oakley. A discussion occurred on public safety based on the stabbing at Big Break Regional Shoreline—the investigation is being handled by the East Bay Regional Park District rather than Oakley police.

You, Me, We = Oakley hosted its Public Safety Meeting on Saturday. While the meeting was held in Spanish, I would think 50 people attending was quite impressive—especially during a morning with chilly temperature. Although I do not speak Spanish, it would be very beneficial to cover this type of event by translating question and answers for the entire city to understand the concerns/solutions in the Hispanic community. After all, what affects one neighborhood affects another because we are all the same community.

HALO Open House showed off its brand new house with a remodeled old Fire Station 93. I did not personally get to attend this event, but from what I hear it’s a world class facility.  Considering how great this is for the community, one would think this would make it into the Sunday paper just in time for Christmas adoptions.

The Oakley Christmas Tree Lighting was a nice event. My only complaint was there was not enough seating inside City Hall to listen to the choirs sing and do not know if any welcome message was given—maybe when the economy turns around, the city can invest in some outside speakers for people who were unable to find seat, they could at least listen.  I was amazed at how many people attended the event which included Santa, crafts, games, cookies and cocoa.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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2 Responses to Where is the Oakley News Coverage Now?

  1. Judy Prieve says:

    Sorry, but this comment is unfair. We have covered all these events in one way or another. At this time of year there are literally dozens of events on the weekends to cover, including all the NCS playoffs this last weekend. Unfortunately, we were unable to cover all of it with the small staff we have working on the weekend. While we didn’t cover HALO’s opening, Rowena Coetsee wrote five stories and briefs in the last month on it. Also, she wrote a full feature on You, Me, We = Oakley, previewed the Chirstmas Tree lighting several times, and the Mayor’s Walk & Talk. While we aren’t always able to shoot pictures of everything on the weekend, readers are welcome to share them with us. We post them on our Facebook page and often the Times website, too. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

    • Judith, it’s totally fair and I am not singling out the CC Times or Rowena (she is only 1-person and realize she can’t be everywhere), but I’ll use it as a reference in this response. As Daniel Borenstein likes to proclaim “it’s my opinion”. I wrote what I felt based on what I saw. For fairness purposes, I did state in my piece that there were briefs about the events prior to them occurring, however, my beef is the ACTUAL EVENTS where the “meat and potatoes” actually are, they had no coverage at all. The media talked about the events, but failed to actually cover them!

      Being in media, you know as well as I do that this is a source for additional stories or side stories that may be interesting that develop from these events.

      A lot of good went down in Oakley and surrounding communities, it’s a shame the media missed the boat–even after they were invited. I understand the CCTimes couldn’t get to all the events, that is understandable with the staffing levels, but NOTHING was covered from ANY event. Not a thing! If you did cover something, please correct my statement.

      Currently on the CCTimes (Oakley page), the most recent story is on Highway 4 construction from 12/3–not really about Oakley. An actual story about Oakley was posted on 11/30. A lot has happened since then.

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