EducationWins Holiday Tour Deemed Successful

The EducationWins Holiday Home Tour was a success. While the official numbers are not yet available, Karen Rarey, foundation president, believes the foundation was able to at least match the $5,000 it made last year, however, she thinks they made more.

Here are some pictures the Foundation has provided:

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The season’s EducationWins Holiday Home Tour featured a Discovery Bay waterside mansion, a home in Brentwood’s exclusive Apple Hill community and an Oakley home where everything is removed to create the essence of Christmas while ending up at Brentwoods Hannah Nicole Vineyards.

All the money that the ED Foundation raised is used to fund teacher grants so that our students continue to have cutting-edge technology in their classrooms, natural habitats and gardens to study in, and enhancements to the drama, music and art programs.

Foundation Website:


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