Vasco Safety Improvements – Phase 1 Ribbon Cutting

County Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho posted 23 photographs from the Vasco Rd. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on December 7, 2011 via her Facebook page.  While this is a good start to improving safety on Vasco, much more needs to be done to protect lives.

Currently Phase 2 is deemed “shovel ready”, however funding is still lacking and becomes a funding problem. Below are a few pictures she posted.

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About Phase 1

The Vasco Rd Safety Improvements Project – Phase 1 is designed to improve the safety of approximately 1 mile of Vasco Rd between the cities of Brentwood and Livermore. This stretch of twisting Vasco Rd has heavy, fast moving traffic and a history of serious injury accidents. The project consists of installing a concrete median barrier along the 1 mile project limits and widening the southbound pavement to provide a truck climbing lane, thereby eliminating the gap in the existing truck climbing lanes along Vasco Rd. To accommodate these safety improvements, 6 retaining walls, storm drains, wildlife crossings, and a bridge widening will be constructed.

Project Facts

5 miles of Temporary Wildlife Exclusion Fencing
2 miles of Permanent Wildlife Exclusion Fencing
12,000 tons of Asphalt
35 ft of bridge widening
½ mile of retaining walls
¾ mile of concrete median barrier and channelizers
32,000 cubic yards of earthwork

Winning Bid: $11,800,000

Bid Results:{A25235B1-300F-47EA-A73E-10E6D25F7CF5}&projectguid={F6A81398-D29F-4AD7-93A3-239407689C4B}

Traffic Fines on Vasco to Double

Just a reminder that starting January 1, 2012, traffic violations on a 19-mile stretch of Vasco Road between Livermore and Brentwood have now doubled.  In November, the Alameda Board of Supervisors designated that stretch of Vasco as a Safety Enhancement Double Fine Zone. The passing of Assembly Bill 348 gave the popular road that designation, which will last from Jan. 1, 2012 to Jan. 1, 2017.

Mary Nejedly Piepho Website’s


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