Fundraiser: Support Oakley K-9’s by Purchasing 2012 Calendar

The City of Oakley Police Department, in conjunction with the Office of the Sheriff, Contra Costa County has produced its 2012 calendar as a fundraiser to help fund its K-9 which is now available for purchase.

This is a beautiful calendar that has pictures of our magnificent K-9’s that work to make our communities safer.  Oakley had both of its K-9’s featured in the calendar (Shadow & Oleg). You can show your support for the Oakley Police K-9 unit by purchasing a calendar for $20 at the Oakley Police Department.

“It’s clear to me that public safety is a big priority for our residents and they value the benefit they receive from our K-9 partners in law-enforcement.  The K-9 calendar fundraiser is a great opportunity for people to help keep our K-9’s in Oakley,” said Councilman Randy Pope–who is also an Oakland Police Officer.

The calendar idea originated when two of the Office of the Sheriff Contra Costa County canine handlers (one from Oakley) who are also professional photographers decided to take their collection of K-9 photos and display them in a calendar as a way to display our dogs in a positive light and possibly raise some money for the unit according to Bani Kollo, Oakley Chief of Police.

The money raised from the calendar will go to towards additional training for the K-9 teams and supplies.

Dogs are trained and certified to work the street, however, additional training is difficult to fund. Handlers need to be trained on updated techniques and crime trends that help make our city safer, explained Kollo.

A new police dog is $10k from Europe and an investment of another $6k in patrol training and narcotic detection (patrol training-1 month/ narcotic detection- 1 month) is needed.  Kennels, supplies, and, protection equipment add up to several thousand dollars let alone outfitting a police vehicle with canine equipment.

Shadow and Oleg are both Belgian Malinois but that is where the similarity stops.

Shadow is uncommonly pure black Malinois from the Netherlands. Shadow, 7, was born on May 4, 2004 and was trained in KNPV (Royal Dutch Police Dog Association). Shadow has well balanced mentally and shares his home with a 4 pound Chihuahua.

Oleg is the traditional fawn and black Malinois and is from Germany.  Oleg is 3, born October 22, 2008 and trained in Schutzhund (German dog sport).  Oleg is an extremely energetic police dog.

According to Kollo, both Oleg and Shadow are very friendly dogs.

“In my experience, canines assist the patrol officer in many ways. For me, most significantly in the reduction of the use of deadly force in scenario’s that most certainly would have resulted in death or great bodily injury to a suspect had deployment of man’s best friend not occurred,” said Kollo.

Kollo also provided a statement from an experienced handler via email.

The Police K-9 is like no other person or tool in law enforcement.  Our dogs don’t traditionally get sick, they don’t have bad days, and they don’t know what fear is.  To the patrol team, K-9’s are force multipliers.  Bad guys know they can’t scare dogs, they can’t run from them, and they can’t hide from them.  K-9’s can find a man in 5 minutes in an area that would take ten guys two hours.  To the handler, a K-9 is everything.  Our dogs are with us every day, all day.  We spend more time with our dogs than we do our family.  Our dogs live and work with us.  Our K-9’s will do whatever we ask of them. When it comes to police work, “K-9’s are they only weapon we have, that if taken from us, cannot be used against us”.

In a reply via email, Councilman Randy Pope issued the following statement about the K-9 Unit and supports the fundraiser. This is the full statement in its entirety.

K-9’s are a police officer’s best friend.  They are a deterrent to crime and a tremendous asset for locating and apprehending concealed and/or dangerous suspects while increasing our officer’s safety.  I would love to have a K-9 on-duty 24/7 and have been pushing to get more for Oakley.  I have been really impressed with the level of support and donations that the community has given for the Oakley K-9 program.  It’s clear to me that public safety is a big priority for our residents and they value the benefit they receive from our K-9 partners in law-enforcement.  The K-9 calendar fundraiser is a great opportunity for people to help keep our K-9’s in Oakley. 


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