Open Letter to Brian Dawson

The following is an Open Letter to the Editor directed at Brian Dawson. It was submitted by Don Flint of Discovery Bay in response to Dawson’s Correct Misinformation Provided by Media and Recall Petitioners in which both Brian Dawson and his wife were interviewed.

Dear Mr. Dawson,

The grounds stated in the recall petition include the following specific items:

  • Brian Dawson has had multiple angry confrontations following board meetings which nearly led to blows, broken up by bystanders
  • Brian Dawson passed a note to the President during a meeting threatening to “kick your ass”
  • Brian Dawson was arrested on charges of child endangerment and spousal abuse

You responded to the petition by saying you believe the voters of Discovery Bay deserve an honest explanation for recent events in light of the numerous false accusations. We are still waiting; Here is your chance to refute these three specific allegations that form the basis for the recall petition.

You admit that you “made a mistake” but claim the (single?) mistake had no bearing on the work you do for the DBCSD Board. Given the entirety of the issues that have been raised, I don’t understand your response. Don’t you think that your angry confrontations with members of the publicin the parking lot that nearly led to blows and were broken up by bystanders following meeting were mistakes on your part? Don’t you think threatening to kick a fellow board member’s ass was a mistake on your part? Don’t you think those incidents have a bearing on your work on the board and your role as an elected representative of the DB-CSD board?

Our representative democracy depends on the People’s ability to attend and speak at meetings without threats of violence from elected officials. It also depends on board members’ ability to conduct business without threats of violence from their fellow board members. Like it or not, your actions do have consequences. Isn’t that why you have stepped away from representing the district with the School Board and relinquished your title of Vice President?

You have stated that your family has had to deal with your pending criminal charges and the recall effort. I wish that were not the case, but unfortunately it is. Both, of course, are a direct result of your actions and for that you have full responsibility. It is interesting that you have agreed with the editor of this website to submit to an interview process for a story about your family rather than the basis for the recall effort.

Resigning from the DBCSD board is not the “easy” thing, as you have said; it is courageous and appropriate thing.

Thank you,

Don Flint

Ps. You are well aware of the email blast sent on your behalf that included personal attacks against some of the recall proponents along with photos produced by David Piepho. To date you have refused to condemn this email or apologize to those people who were singled out. Would you like to comment on that now?


About burkforoakley

I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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2 Responses to Open Letter to Brian Dawson

  1. voter says:

    Mr. Burk, Why have you pulled the Dawson article you wrote ? I find that very disturbing that you would call it like you see it yet pull it when you call it wrong. Maybe you have some other lame explanation. Are you reporting neutral or are YOU BIAS as accusing the other news media?
    Please put the article back in line like the others. Your link to the article is not the norm like other articles. Removal of it plays hard on your character. To regain your credibility you should consider more than just your bias opinion.
    Mr. Burk, why haven’t you interviewed Mr. Dawson and respond to the questions ? There must be some truth in this persons open letter if there is no response.
    Mr. Burk, if you plan to expand and become a credible media in Oakley and Discovery Bay, you should consider all sides. Thus far it appears you have merely established another Mixon Mankin Blog.

  2. I find it disturbing you are using the name “voter” rather than your actual name and coming at me when you do not have your facts correct. Nothing was pulled, it simply has moved down the list and into archives. Do a simple search in January Archives and it will show up you big dope. When you use your real name, we can begin to have an open debate on credibility. Just because I have not posted an article which you want me to write about does not mean I am not credible, it just means you already have your mind made up and will accept nothing short of how you want something written.

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