Quick Thoughts on Assembly District 11 Race

Five candidates have already announced they have entered the race for the coveted Assembly District-11 seat which does not have an incumbent; however, many residents living within the district likely have any idea that campaign is currently on-going.

With 2012 upon us, it appears as if Mike Hudson (Suisun City) is the only candidate who is actually in campaign mode and trying to get his name out to the district. The others, sadly, have run some pretty poor campaigns up to this point in time.

While I understand it’s still early, June is just around the corner and one would think information would start being presented to voters. Aside from a few newspaper articles, it’s difficult to find substance on each candidate as opposed to talking points on the issues. Their websites also leave a lot to be desired.

I cruised around the web this morning to try and find information on each candidate and overall the results were dismal to say the least. It appears as if the candidates want the media to tell their message rather than their own campaign.

If I am going to vote for someone, I do not want someone representing my district who is in hiding or does not provide updates as to what they are up to or have accomplished.  We deserve better transparency than what is currently on-going with these campaigns and what they will do to improve our district once they are in Sacramento.

Len Augustine, Vacaville Mayor (I)

For someone who is supposed to have the most name recognition of the bunch, Mr. Augustine sure is flying under the radar and I do not mean that in a good way. No website has been launched, no use of social media, and very little media coverage of the former mayor is posted on the web. It’s as if he is not even in campaign mode.

If he is expecting some votes, he might want to do a better job in alerting people to his events and thoughts on issues.  If he has a staff in place, I would hope his campaign gets its act together quickly.

On a side note, I think his Independent status will hurt him in the voting box, but that is just me. This isn’t a race for local government where republican or democrat status doesn’t matter, it does matter in Sacramento.  His idea of bringing local government to Sacramento is a nice utopia theory, but reality is that it will be political suicide for the District which we cannot afford to have happen.  You cannot fight for the district unless you pick a political side to align with—it’s that simple.

Campaign Website: none found

Jim Frazier, Oakley Councilman/Former Mayor (D)

Mr. Frazier is picking up some nice endorsements, but you would never know that based on how poorly designed his website is—rumor has it he will be updating it shortly. Still, he announced all the way back September that he is running which means he has had plenty of time to launch an appropriate website and social media tools to aid him in this race. It’s sad his competitors have done the website and social media launches in a shorter amount of time.  Like Augustine, Frazier’s staff needs to get their act together immediately.

Being an Oakley resident, I know what he is up to and the wonderful things he has accomplished as a councilman and mayor; it’s just a shame the rest of D-11 has no idea.

The problem for Frazier, out of all the candidates, is he needs to control the message most due to the anti-East County Government media coverage the papers have—no elected official is safe from these papers. These papers are more interested in creating news rather than reporting on it which misleads people with incorrect information.

If his staff doesn’t control the message, they will sink him.

Campaign Website: JimFrazierForAssembly.com

Gene Gantt, Retired Fire Chief from Benicia (D)

Mr. Gantt has a nice website that looks good and is easy to navigate with minimal information posted. Although simple and minimal, the information comes across in an easy to understand way which I like. The problem with his website is that the information is static.

Since the November 23 launching of his website, there have only been 3-posts in his news section of his website, which are link to Newspaper article on Mr. Gantt. I am more interested in not what the newspapers have to say, but rather what he has to say on the District and our state.

He is on Facebook (just 14 likes), but it all links back to the same information on his website. He had better learn that the point of social media is not to repeat what is posted on his website. From what I’ve gathered, and not to sound like a jerk, but he appears more interested in going through the motions of a campaign rather than trying to win one.

Campaign Website: http://www.genegantt.com/

Mike Hudson, Vice Mayor of Suisun City (R)

At this point in time, Mr. Hudson wins the social network award because he is using Facebook the best out of the entire field while building a group of volunteers to promote him via the web. Pictures are constantly posted from his events and he actually posts his thoughts on issues in California. He is also using Twitter and YouTube. The nice part about his use of social media is voters can know what he is up to and how hard he is campaigning.

I would also say his campaign website is the best of the bunch with appropriate links to article that feature him in the news media to see where he stands on the issues. He also is not shy to speak his mind which is needed to represent the district well.

From what I can see, his staff is ahead of the game from other campaigns in order to get his information out to the voters of the district.

Campaign Website: http://mikehudson2012.com/

Patricia Hernandez, Labor Negotiator from Rio Vista (D)

Simply put, this woman does not appear very serious about her campaign and outreach to voters.  She has a horrible website and I have no clue where she stands on the issues other than touching on items in a standard, yet hit-and-run like fashion answers. Her Facebook page (59-friends) offers no real updates about her campaign and I believe there was less than actual posts since Oct. 27.

From what I gather off her website and on her Facebook, she is apparently targeting the minority vote to be “that voice” for them. Yes, I get it, she is a minority and speaks Spanish, but I don’t really care and neither should voters.

I refuse to vote for someone who plays identity politics in order to pander for votes. I want someone who will go into Sacramento and fight for the District as a whole, not just a certain group within the District.

With that being said, she simply looks out of her league. If I was in her shoes, if she has any staff at all, I’d fire and replace or simply drop out altogether.

Campaign Website: http://phernandez.com/

District Demographics

Population: 466,986
Democrats: 48 percent
Republicans: 28 percent
Decline to state: 19 percent

The 11th Assembly District consists of Antioch, Bethel Island, Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Elmira, Fairfield, Isleton, Knightsen, Oakley, Suisun City, and Vacaville.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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