ECCFPD Board Meeting Tidbits: Public Comments

When I have the full text of the draft response by the Fire Board in response to the Grand Jury Report, I will post it along with the boards comments on each item. In the meantime, here are a few interesting actions from last night’s East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Meeting that I thought I’d share in the meantime.

Not to tease an upcoming post, but I give Kevin Romick credit for making the comment that the board’s response will not be “powder puffed” while Erick Stonebarger said he was at a loss of words for some of the recommendation because they had been on the agenda since October… he said that he was “at a loss of words and some of their statements are ludicrous”. Pat Anderson probably had the best response is what is the “definition of quality of service” and why does the Grand Jury get to decide? Jim Frazier, Steve Barr, Joel Bryant and others on the board were quick to point out the history which went ignored along with facts.

Anyway, I think it’s important that these were the public comments from last night in summary. You are encouraged to send in your own comments in response to the Grand Jury report to the fire District and they may include some

  • Chief Henderson reported their were 644 calls
  • The District has also won 2-grants

Public Comments – based off my notes rather than complete sentances.

Gill Guerrero, Capt. at Station 93 – he had the most powerful comments of the entire evening. I would encourage the board to take the recording and highlight his comments in some sort of commercial or post it on the web for people to listen to. It was full of emotion and hearing it would be more impactful that simply reading the words on a piece of paper. By the time he was done, I admit I was a bit teary eyed.

Mr. Guerrero expressed his disappointment in the Grand Jury report. Explained how the Grand Jury did not disclose to the Board what an Acceptable Level of Service is. He proclaimed the level of service right now is not acceptable in and shape or form and that the board has looked at other options. He explained how 70% of the calls are for medical emergency medical aid.  He corrected the Grand Jury report which stated there are 6-stations; the reality is there are 7-stations because they contract out one of the stations.

He made the statement that don’t tell him we have not had loss of life or loss of structures when he recently had to tell someone’s family we could not provide medical services in time (AMR was 5-10 minutes behind) and lost the life. Don’t tell him we have lost 3-homes on Bethel Island. He thanks the Press for exposing this Grand Jury Report.

Alda Jones (spelling) – She was disappointed in the Grand Jury report as stated it did not do its due diligence. She explained how it was not viable to switch to CAL Fire. She stated how this is a Prop. 13 effected district and that our firefighters are underpaid and that it’s not reasonable to fund the district on their backs.

Bob Mankin – Called the Grand Jury report a “piece of junk”. Asked to see if the Grand Jury who created this report lived within the district or outsiders—noted that it takes 12 of the 19 to approve a report. He encouraged a forceful response by the Board. Called the report reckless and that it feeds the opposition.

He is currently working to find out more information on the Grand Jury as to whether or not they live in or out of the district.

Vince Wells – Information needs to get out now. He expressed concern that should the Parcel Tax fail, it will change the entire strategy for the district with more assistance needed from Antioch/Pittsburg. He explained ConFire will also be affected due to an increased service level.  Estimates service calls will double-to-triple.


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2 Responses to ECCFPD Board Meeting Tidbits: Public Comments

  1. Robert Ruddick says:

    I couldn’t make it last night. Wife had a meeting so I had daddy duty.
    I’m glad everyone came out swinging. This Grand Jury is made up of Johnny come latelys that have no Idea of the history we have been through. Back in 2008 the Grand Jury ripped us a new one for saying we couldn’t provide adequate protection for Bethel Island. Bob Kenny and Olga Jones both of Bethel Island were on this Grand Jury and they recognized our deficiencies and said it needed to be fixed.
    Here is the link to the previous Grand Jury report.
    Good work Mike.

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