Oakley Council Recap: Affordable Housing 101 Event Confirmed

Public Comments:

Roni Gehlke – Presented information for the Delta Science Center. A 2012 calendar of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is available. They have a few extra copies left. Those who make a $20 or more donation to the Delta Science Center will receive a free calendar.

Iris Obregon – She was in attendance representing Assemblywoman Joan Buchannan. She was there to inform the city that Joan Buchannan is there to help and listen.

Paul Seger – Discussed his concerns over following rules and rules being posted—but he was not specific which rules he was complaining about. He also requested that his comments from a prior meeting be corrected to what he said.

Regular Calendar

Item 5.1 – Appointments to CC/RDA Commissions

Kevin Romick moved that this item be postponed until the January 24 meeting. In the meantime, any edits and suggested changes to each councilmembers assignments can be emailed to him. Final approval will occur at the next meeting.

Item 5.2 – Adopt a Resolution Determining that the Public Interest and Neccesity Require the Acquisition of Certain Land and Directing the Filing of Eminent Domain Proceedings

According to the staff report, this has to do with the acquisition of an easement for overhead power lines.  City staff expects this to conclude without the need for eminent domain. According to City Attorney Derek Cole, they believe it will be resolved without issue; it’s just a matter of confirmation. The item was continued until the January 24 meeting.

Item 5.3 – Consideration of Design Elements for the Downtown Public Plaza

This item was moved to be the last item of the night due to traffic on Highway 4 for the architect. The discussion revolved around the proposed fountain which will be placed in the ground with water shooting up vs. a traditional pond-like fountain.  There was discussion over the proposed arch,  cement, maintenance and types of plants to be used.

Item 5.4 – Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Sign a Letter to the Fish & Game Commission

Mr. Mammon spoke how he urges Oakley to take the lead for all cities along the water who are involved with this fight. He would like for Oakley to champion the cause. He urged the council to sign the letter.

Bruce Connelly stated while the striped bass is todays issue, the black bass is next. While it is great there are a number of groups fighting for the Delta, there also needs to be a government also leading the fight to be the voice—it’s imperative he stated.

Name unknown – stated that tourism is an important part of the city, this is a huge deal and fish bring tourism to the city.

The council took action and unanimously voted to have Mayor Romick send the letter—Jim Frazier urged that this be done immediately and expedited to the Commissioner.

Item 5.5 – Corporation for Better Housing Density Bonus (DB 01-11)

Item will continue until January 24 meeting, in which time the City will have held an outreach event on January 19 with a topic of Affordable Housing 101.  The Developer will be on hand while someone from the state will also be invited to further explain the laws.

Kevin Romick described how this is an emotional issue and more outreach was needed.  “There’s a lot of questions out there and the best way to address that is to let people know how it works in our state,” he said before the meeting. “It’s a very emotional issue. It you want to fill up a council room, talk about affordable housing.”

Bryan Montgomery firmly stated that this is not something they can control, but rather the State has the requirement—nothing they can do and essentially have to accept the applicant for the Density Bonus. He stated that he, the council, city staff does not want it, do not like it, and would do something to stop it if they could.

Randi Alder provided some additional grandstanding for her city council run as she incorrectly declare declared that both San Ramon and Danville are getting around the low-income issue. She said Oakley is a great place to be but does not want it to be Antioch. She wants jobs, not the same problems as Antioch and wants to know the effect this housing project will have on city resources such as police and fire.

Diane Hanus stated she did not want any more low income and the problems that come with it. She request that if the city had to do it, to designate it for senior housing (for low income).

Item 5.6 – Resolution Electing to Serve as the Successor Agency to the Oakley Redevelopment  

Staff recommended the adoption to serve as the successor—however, council wanted more information on the impact to housing. Information will be gathered and presented to the council, item continued.


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