Mary N. Piepho Elected as 2012 Board of Supervisors Chair

In case you missed it, which I am sure you did due to the bang up job the Contra Costa Times does in covering East County, the Board of Supervisors held its election on Monday and Discovery Bay’s own Mary N. Piepho (District 3)  is now the 2012 Chair of the Board of Supervisors. Federal Glover will serve as Vice Chair. She last served as Board Chair in 2007.

During the meeting, Supervisor Piepho made a presentation to show appreciation of the 2011 Chair of the Board, Supervisor Gayle B. Uikema.

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors held their regularly scheduled meeting in the Oakley City Council Chambers.

According to her county website, here is a copy of her Biography.

The Honorable Mary Nejedly Piepho is serving in her second, four-year term on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. As the District III Supervisor, she represents the largest of the five districts, covering Antioch, Bethel Island, Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Knightsen, and Oakley in East Contra Costa County and Blackhawk, Diablo and Tassajara Valley in the Southern portions of the County.

She served as Chair of the Board in 2007 and this year is the chair of the Internal Operations Committee and Airport Subcommittee.  She also serves on various other committees such as the Transportation, Water & Infrastructure Committee, Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority, LAFCO and Delta Protection Commission.

Supervisor Piepho’s policy priorities include:
– preservation and revitalization of the county’s agricultural core
– responsible stewardship of natural resources such as water
– public safety, both police and fire, as a funding priority
– maintenance and expansion of our transportation infrastructure
– effective delivery of county services in fiscal prudent manner

Supervisor Piepho is committed to working with local, state and federal leaders to find a sustainable solution that will not compromise the long term viability of the Delta.  She has been appointed by her fellow Board Members as well as the Delta Counties delegation, to serve as a lead advocate on Delta Water issues particularly as it relates to additional water exports to points south.  As a water-front resident, who uses the Delta for both recreation and drinking water, she believes we must develop solutions that protect both the ecosystem and water quality.

Prior to her election as a County Supervisor, Mrs. Piepho was an elected member of the Byron Union School District and also served as:
– President of the Los Medanos Community College Foundation
– President of the Contra Costa Community College District Bond
Oversight Committee
– Member of the Highway 4 Safety Task Force
– Director on the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce
– Discovery Bay Parent-Teacher Association
– Contra Costa County Special District Representative

Supervisor Piepho is a life-long resident of Contra Costa County and is the daughter of the late State Senator John A. Nejedly.  She lives on the Delta in Discovery Bay with her husband, David a firefighter for Alameda County, and daughter, Mariah, who attends public school.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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9 Responses to Mary N. Piepho Elected as 2012 Board of Supervisors Chair

  1. voter2 says:

    Why would the Board of Supervisors drive all the way to Oakley for a board meeting ? This really sounds strange unless a huge controversial emergency topic is at bay. What prompted this meeting ? It wouldn’t be a stage for Honorable Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho, a life-long resident of Contra Costa County and the daughter of the late State Senator John A. Nejedly ? I mean this is an election year and support in Oakley would be paramount to winning an election if she was challenged. Mr. Burke, you are so transparent with your promotional blog for Mary Piepho. You say nothing for the city of Oakley offering up the chambers. You quote no city officials or residents. You only tout Mary Piepho. You never say why the meeting was held in Oakley. You do not even speak of business that pertains to Oakley that was conducted. Is this “BurkforOakley” or “BurkforMary” Piepho taking over Oakley ? I think most people are smart enough to see your transparent agenda here. For crying out loud, she can’t even get through life without having her maiden name included. I feel sorry for David. What an insult.
    Good job Mr. Burk, you are doing a great service to Oakley.

    P.S. Everyone should also know that you Mr. Burk like Mary Piepho make up the rules to suit yourself as you go. Isn’t that why you deleted this post previously ? Isn’t that why Mary brought the Board to Oakley? Hypocrisy works in many ways as you well know. I call em the way I see em. Try not to show your bias so much. It’s unbecoming of a journalist. The adult thing to do would be allow differing opinions. But then again I thought you were adult. Let’s see.

  2. I welcome the Board of Supervisors to Oakley anytime. More people that come to Oakley the better. Stage or not, its a great thing for Oakley. As a Supervisor, I would hope she spends time in Oakley as other cities in District 3. Voter, considering I see your IP Address, its almost comical you insult me. I know who you are.

    • voter2 says:

      Is that suppose to intimidate me that you play with IP addresses? Please do not do something criminal with IPs.
      I welcome the Board of Supervisors to any City. Maybe they will go to Brentwood or even Diablo. My point was specific and I think it was made.

  3. My original post is still there, you are just too stupid to look in the archives. After 10, it drops off the article bar on the right side. As for the IP address, I would be perfectly happy not seeing who posts what, unfortunately, its not my call, its a WordPress thing. Nothing criminal like you suggest is going on. Rather than spend time accusing me of the most random things, go start your own website.

    Are you really complaining about me not quoting someone from the meeting, Oakley official or resident? I am a resident you idiot. The point was, there was no coverage of her becoming chair. Like her politics or not, she is the chair and that is a good thing for D3. Does it really matter why the meeting was held in Oakley? Honestly, who gives a damn why, I am glad it was. Honestly, you sound like a conspiracy nut over a meeting location.

    If you really want me to respond to your nonsense I will… for example, who else am I supposed to write about for Supervisor when she is my representative? There is no challenger for her? If she did have a challenger, I would hope she visits Oakley and tries to win a vote as I would hope any candidate would do. Do you know how stupid you sound with your statements. Is she not supposed to be proud of her name and what her father accomplished?

    As for the rules and suggesting I break my own rules? What are you even talking about? Are their a particular set of rules that you suggest I follow on my own website? Will disregarding my opinions and insert yours make you a happy reader? As for allowing different opinions, have I not accepted your comments? Did I not post Don Flints Open Letter to Brian Dawson?

  4. voter2 says:

    I will try to get my point across to you one more time Mr. Burk. It’s not about Flint, Dawson , Piepho, Richardson, or any of those people. It’s about you and this website. I looked at the archives and noticed a pattern. Your articles were originally about our city of Oakley. For some reason just not long ago you focused to Dawson, Piepho, Discovery Bay, and Oakley was last. I was impressed with all the articles up until the Dawson and Discovery Bay articles. It appeared you changed from a local Oakley website site to a Political website in Discovery Bay. I felt and still do that someone from that area influenced you for free publicity on your time knowingly or not. Only until the last few articles after I made negative comments did you venture out and write on something outside of Oakley and Discovery Bay. All I am saying is that your Oakley reporting articles are nice. Your extension to the political arena outside Oakley degrades your site. As long as you write about the mud outside Oakley your site will crawl with parasites distracting what I think you are trying to do for Oakley.

  5. Bob says:

    ’bout fell over when voter2 opened this with feigned concern over David Piepho.

    But then the individual tries to take Mike to task for the way he runs his OWN site!?

    This is the bizzaro world of our resident malcontents. You trip over the narcissism just attempting to engage them in rational discussion. The constant belligerence and the inability to listen or even tolerate viewpoints that don’t sync with their own. It’s all just a sad and annoying attempt to control the message.

    The IP address thing has been brought up before and simply headlines the ignorance of the attacker’s comment. IP logs are a common feature of most any website, forum or blog. Yet listening to voter2 you would think people were handing out military secrets. You’d think the crack legal team advising this group that they have bragged about previously would have given them a heads up.

    To illustrate the absurdity, I received a particularly nasty email the other day which originated from a computer called “HomePC” with an IP address of Now how do I know the IP of the sender? Because it’s contained within the email header of every email you send or receive!

    Hopefully the Dept of Homeland doesn’t come swooping down on me for having the common sense to do FILE > PROPERTIES within my email tool to verify the sender was in fact who he claimed he was.

    It’s early in the election season yet and I predict the conspiracy theories will get wilder and more frequent in the coming months.

  6. voter2 says:

    @Bob, You are really reaching out for attention.
    Are you typing your BIO on here now ?

    Mine is a bizzaro world of our resident malcontents. I trip over my narcissism just attempting to engage in rational discussion. The constant belligerence and the inability to listen or even tolerate my viewpoints that don’t sync with their own. It’s all just a sad and annoying attempt to control my messages.

    Get over yourself and get back to positive Oakley sharing.

  7. I find this entire discussion funny for the simple reason that traditionally, the Supervisors do the re-org meeting outside of the BOS chambers. Apparently “voter” is not aware of this. Just go look at the re-org meeting and check out the locations. Maybe they would have done Brentwood instead of Oakley, however, the Chamber’s was still under construction.

    I really think you are wasting your time voter. I am going to continue to write what I want to write about. As far as I am concerned, Oakley is within Supervisor Piepho’s district, she is fair game to talk about. Council member Frazier is running for D-11 Assembly, he is fair game as well as the rest of that election. Fire District effects Oakley (and east county), that is fair game. From time to time, I’ll be chiming in on East County issues that I find interesting–example is Brian Dawson’s wife’s perspective and the Bethel Island fire station.

  8. voter2 says:

    I agree with the part that says you will chime in on issues you find interesting. This is your site and would be expected. I will chime in when I see it a bit differently. Example: Piepho Grandstanding,
    Public officials getting questionable public money, and any other non transparent questionable issues by elected or public officials. Thanks for protecting my freedom of speech.

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