“Willie” West Update From the Press

I would encourage you all to wonder over to the Oakley Press to see Samie Hartley’s story on William West, a firefighter with the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District who still needs our help.

According to Hartley’s story, ECCFPD Battalion Chief Brian Helmick is arranging a fundraiser for March 24 at Veterans Hall in Brentwood. Meanwhile, Bob Kenny, a member of the ECCFPD board of directors who is known for his big, snowy-white Santa-style beard, is also keeping West in this thoughts. Kenny is planning a fundraiser, featuring a raffle, to benefit West’s family. The winner of the raffle will get to decide when, where and who will shave Kenny’s beard.

In speaking with many firefighters since December, they could not compliment enough about how nice of a person Willie is and how he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  In fact, they went on and on about how great of a person he is.

I wrote on Dec. 21, 2011 that a bank account through Bank of the West in Oakley had been established to help the West family with the help of councilman Jim Frazier.  You can still donate by calling Bank of the West – The Willie West Fund at  Phone number:  (925) 625 – 2211.

I tip my hat to the Oakley Press and Ms. Hartley for updating the community on such a wonderful asset to this community.


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2 Responses to “Willie” West Update From the Press

  1. Bob says:

    This is a very worthy cause for one of our public safety professionals who has had our back for years. Now is the time for us to have his.

    In support of Mr. Kenny’s awesome fundraiser, I have offered a contribution for a second place prize; a custom built fishing rod. As a community next to the Delta, I imagine there are a lot of fishermen among us. High end custom rods is something I do as a side business, though most of what I build is for charitable causes. Details/specs on the rod are still coming together as I am soliciting manufacturers to donate components. With Mike’s permission I will offer updates and pictures as the build progresses.

    See the links for contact information on how to reach Mr. Kenny.

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