Supervisor Piepho Address Antioch Rotary

Last Week, County Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho addressed the Antioch Rotary at their luncheon. Below is a summary of what she spoke about.

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Labor Negotiations: she informed those in attendance that the county has wrapped up some of the most crucial negotiations and completed important contract negotiations with specific labor unions.  There was quite a lot of success in this area as they successfully negotiated with five unions in December—Lisa Vorderbrueggen wrote about the deal in Dec.   This was quite an accomplishment in light of the budget and the items that were necessary for sustainability.

Delta Water issues; Work continues to be done on holding the line on Delta water issues and the ongoing battle over water distribution from the delta.  The Supervisor  continues to meet with the stakeholders and fights for Northern California and preservation of the delta.  Additionally long term solutions continue to be sought for control of the invasive water weeds that have been flourishing in the delta over the last few decades.  This is especially important to all of East County and the communities that border the delta from Antioch to Oakley and South to Discovery Bay to Byron.

Highway 4; Improvements continue to be made to Highway 4 and the Highway 4 bypass.  Widening of Highway 4 remains a priority and work continues in that effort.

Vasco Rd.; Continued improvements which include widening and a safety barrier have been completed with the next phase being “shovel ready’.  The county continues to seek and secure funding mechanisms to complete the next phase.  Accidents and fatalities on this deadly road have been greatly reduced.

Other tidbits:

Supervisor Piepho also spoke about the history and family connection to Antioch, including her father’s legacy with the Antioch (Nejedly) bridge.  She is honored to have Antioch, Oakley and Bethel Island added into in her district.

She also spent a considerable amount of time discussing constituents concerns about transportation (Tri Delta Transit) and Bart.

For more information on Mary Nejedly Piepho, feel free to visit her county website or find her political page on Facebook.


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4 Responses to Supervisor Piepho Address Antioch Rotary

  1. vote5 says:

    Even a political page link ? How convenient, or should I say “shovel ready”. I will not be visiting much longer Mr. Burk. I thought maybe, just maybe, I was wrong and you were providing the residents of Oakley good solid neutral information. I see that the campaign promotions continue. With that said, it is hard to take you as a credible source of news.

    • Bye then… There is nothing wrong with letting people know where and what our D3 Supervisor is up to. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Bob says:

      Adios, my angry little friend.

      Your schtick and threats to leave have reached full boring level anyway. Kept thinking you could pull out of that crash dive you were in and actually contribute something meaningful, but I was wrong. So you see, I don’t really have all the answers.

  2. pretty boy says:

    bye bye now.

    Five bucks says he/she will be back.

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