Carol Lane Developer Negotiates with Residents

In an act of good faith, the President of Corporation for Better Housing (CBH), Charlie Brumbaugh, met with residents on creating a solution to ease concerns of new construction at Carol Lane.

The developer negotiated and was accommodating to residents to ensure items that may have been wrong in the past, were corrected in the near future. I was impressed with his generosity to be honest–he made concessions that he didn’t technically have to do.

  • Started on the smaller wall already–per last weeks meeting
  • Agreed to a new wall
  • Agreed to additional trees
  • Agreed to work on a safe passage to school (Antioch School District problem)
  • Improve Security

The project adds three tower buildings and many more units to the complex which consist of multi-family housing and a small percentage of senior housing. While the residents attending were in agreement that there is nothing that can be done to stop the new construction, we were unified in finding a solution to improve the living situation between neighbors.

If the developer includes its Density Bonus plans (additional 105 units), this changes the ballgame with the homes neighboring the property. Fortunately, after many productive talks with the city and staff, the developer came through with a homerun.

For the third time in two weeks on the Carol Lane Density Bonus topic, city staff made themselves available to discuss this topic… this time; the developer joined the conversation in an intimate setting.  The purpose was to work out details to ensure a good neighborly relationship occurred with the Carol Lane property and residents of Windsor Lane.

Just to provide some perspective on how well things have transpired, residents from Montevino Way and Montevino Ct. met last Monday to discuss our issue with a fence and a wall that was promised, but never completed. Residents of Carol Lane kept kicking down the fence and used it as a “short cut” and created unwanted incidents in the area.  I am happy to report construction of a wall behind Montevino Ct. is officially under construction which should solve riff-raff and traffic problems.  The fence is expected to be completed in less than 30-days.

As far as last night goes, it was a productive meeting where both sides worked together for a win-win for everyone.

Mr. Brumbaugh explained that, “everything is give and take” and wanted a solution on the fence immediately. The big debate was whether or not a 6 ft. or an 8 ft. fence should be built. The residents on Windsor Lane will get a consensus on the height and report back to the city what is decided—it should be noted, CBH is now proposing tearing down each homeowner’s fence in order to eliminate “dead space” between the two properties which is good news.

The wall should begin construction in late February or early March due to the rain. It should be completed hopefully in a couple of months which includes a retaining wall. On the Carol Lane side, it makes for a 10-ft fence looking up should residence choose a 6ft fence.

Trees were then next to be discussed as residents felt short changed as some had trees to block views while others did not which resulted in Carol Lane residents looking directly down into someone’s backyard—imagine a 4-story building behind your house, you would not be happy either.

Mr. Brumbaugh understood and will be planting additional trees while also going back and ensuring trees that are not doing well will be replaced—he later confirmed this during the council meeting.

Residence also had concerns about a hole in a fence that allowed access between the complex and Orchard Park School. According to the Mr. Brumbaugh, they offered to put in a gate, but never heard a response from Antioch School District—it appears Carol Lane residents cut a hole in the fence to allow passage to school anyway. Mr. Brumbaugh would like to put a formal gate, but cannot do so without permission from Antioch School District—the other solution, which would not happen, would be that Antioch provides safe passage to school by completing a sidewalk down Live Oak Rd.  Bryan Montgomery gave the name of Tim Forrester as the person to contact.

Finally, safety came up and residents simply wanted to know who to call after hours or if there was a phone chart should the person not call back. For instance, if there was yelling in the parking lot, car alarms, or a disturbance, residents can call the manager on duty rather than Oakley PD.

Mr. Brumbaugh showed how serious he was by giving his personal number along with Lori Koester—his thought was unless she wants residents calling her, she should create a call list for residents to resolve issues immediately.

Senior housing was discussed in which everyone in the room agreed this would be the ideal choice–including Mr. Brumbaugh. He even made the statements that they complain a lot more about a lot less. However, it was a financial decision and the state that is restricting him, however, should funding change, he may be able to switch out the multi-family for senior housing.

The meeting set the tone headed into the council meeting which immediately followed. From my observation, everything shared with the council occurred and no fibbing transpired. This was a perfect example of the city staff, residents, and a developer all working together to make the best out of a bad situation.

Mayor Romick was correct; this should be a module for how the City does business on issues going forward.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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