AD-11 Fundraising Update: Frazier Leads the Field

In the most recent campaign fillings released last night, Jim Frazier is winning the fundraising battle against his two fellow democratic competitors and it wasn’t even close.

  • Jim Frazier: $109,709
  • Patricia Hernandez: $38,050
  • Gene Gantt: $29,503

By rule of thumb, you can always tell who the viable candidate is by the amount of local money being donated in District to a campaign. Jim Frazier raised $19,000 in District while Gene Gantt raised $6,413 and Patricia Hernandez raised $0 in District. Yes, that is correct, all of Ms. Hernandez money has come out of district.

All candidates’ filings are for 2011.  It appears Len Augustine and Mike Hudson filed manually—their numbers should be updated in the next few days.

Here is a very brief summary on the candidates who filed electronically.

Jim Frazier
Contributions from this period: $109,709
Expenditures from this period: $47,334.42
Ending cash: $97,874.21

Although Frazier has raised $19,000 of his $109,709 in District, what he has done in the East Bay alone is nice as he has raise another $39,850 from other Non D-11 East Bay cities—at the very least, nearly 50% of his money is local. It’s safe to say, he has a nice mixture of locations where his money is coming from compared to he others.

Some of his  big ticket donations include:

  • State Building & Construction Trades Council of California Pac $7,800
  • I.B.E.W. LOCAL UNION 302 PAC $7,800
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 447 PAC $3,900
  • T.Y. Lin International $3,900
  • Legacy Farmers Inc. $3,900

Patricia Hernandez
Contributions from this period: $38,050.00
Expenditures from this period: $10,713.00
Ending cash: $30,349.08

What is stunning here is 100% of her donations came from out of District—this should worry voters as this is nothing more than unions trying to back a candidate. Naturally, most of her money has come from the health industry from the doctors she represents as a union negotiator—it’s only fitting they reward her.

Most of these donations thus far came from people who work for the state or city/counties in the health field. I am now actually curious after seeing who has donated to her campaign if the unions are paying her to campaign since nothing has come from the AD-11 District? It’s worth at least asking the question.

Her big ticket donations include:

  • American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees-CA People $7,800.00
  • Union of American Physicians & Dentist Medical Defense Fund $7,800
  • American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees International PAC $2,000

Gene Gantt
Contributions from this period: $29,503
Expenditures from this period: $4,625.48
Ending cash: $28,510.24

Naturally, most of his money has come from those in the fire industry since he was a fire chief. What is interesting to me is all the “out of district” money that has come in. It makes me wonder why he can’t raise money in district.  Unlike Patricia Hernandez, at least he can raise money ($6,413)  in the AD-11 District .

His big ticket donations include:

  • Bakersfield Firefighters Legislative Action Group: $3,900
  • Gene Gantt $3,000
  • California Independent Petroleum PAC $2,000
  • Federal Express Political Action Committee Qualified Multi-Candidate Committee $2,000



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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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5 Responses to AD-11 Fundraising Update: Frazier Leads the Field

  1. Rusty Smith says:

    Frazier’s expenditures are highly misleading– he only raised 107k, his Cash on Hand is $97,874.21, but he owed ~$35,500. If Frazier paid all his bills on 1/1/12, he’d have $62,375 COH.

  2. Burk if you want Mike’s numbers feel free to call me! We did great! Thanks Rodney 530-748-7142

    • I already have his number… if you did great, why no filing and why no update on his numbers?

      • We did file? His numbers are great for us! $5220 – Not a lot compared to the others, but our donations are from local support and are in increments of $7 to $100 with a couple $500, and 1 $1000 donation! That was closing Dec 31st.
        We are very Happy with that! We also have built an amazing group of volunteers!
        We spent the majority of Dec working with Yellow Ribbon America supporting Operation Christmas for our Troops & Their Families! A project of mine that I stated 8 years ago! I actually live in a shed 24/7 in the parking lot of Arden Fair Mall for 14 days raising Toys & Donations for the families of Deployed & In Need Military! Which is why there was not a lot of fundraising in Dec. Mike & I are former Navy & will always be dedicated to Supporting our Troops.

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