CSD Director Resignation Smart, But Petitioner Antics Need to Stop

Effective immediately, as of 9:35 AM this morning, Brian Dawson resigned as Discovery Bay CSD Director for the Town of Discovery Bay. My hope is that Mr. Dawson can find peace and move on with his life and he and the Town can put this behind them.

In a statement, Mr. Dawson put out the following:

“Today is not a day of joy or release, but rather one of unremitting pain… I have resigned my office as a Director for the Town of Discovery Bay. I have sought to protect the district from the costs of a recall and to protect my family from the pain it would bring. Thank you to anyone who supported me over the last couple of months, I will never be able to repay you. It has truly been a pleasure to serve this community and I wish it the best as it moves forward,” wrote Dawson in an email.


I could have come out right at 9:35 AM if I had chosen to, but I am going to look at this a little bit differently than most as I have the utmost respect for the decision Mr. Dawson made this morning in ensuring his Community was put before his own needs.

This decision today is not a Dawson vs. the Petitioners resolution; it is one that is best for the Town of Discovery Bay which is admirable. There is more to this story than a headline in the newspaper but that will come out in the coming weeks. It’s a complex situation with many details ignored for far too long.

But for right now, let’s look at possible situations that could have played out.

  1. Had Dawson not resigned, the Town of Discovery Bay might have incurred unnecessary costs for a low turnout recall election and even more mud being thrown in the coming months. That is now avoided. Instead, this is a brilliant move because it ensures the Board will have three “like-minded” directors that can continue to push Discovery Bay forward in a positive light.
  2. Had someone new been elected through a low-voter turnout recall election, it could have undone many of the positive things that had transpired since Mr. Dawson was placed on the board. This is no victory for the Town of Discovery Bay if you ask me.
  3. Let’s say the Proponents failed to gather enough signatures there would have been even more mud thrown at Dawson and lies that it would have been even more counterproductive than during the actual signature gathering. Nothing would have changed.

There are likely a dozen other scenarios that could have played out, but I am neither a judge nor a jury to tell Mr. Dawson what to do, however, I believe the Proponents did not collect 1,649 signatures with an additional 330 that would have made the petition valid just in case some were thrown out. The only way my mind changes are if they show me.

The reason I have is very logical and simple, they would not be out gathering signatures on Super Bowl Sunday, and they would be watching the game like most America eating pizza and drinking beer.

As for the resignation itself, aside from being shocking, I believe it came down to a game of chicken that Mr. Dawson refused to play nor should he.  He fought like hell and it was a good fight where he would likely have prevailed, but the cost would have been too high. He refused to take that chance and instead chose a community first decision.

In speaking with Mr. Dawson today, his comment was fitting.

“I look at it (Recall signature count) like this…I am at a poker table and I am sitting pretty with a nice pocket pair and the flop/turn are on the table and it’s down to the river. The river always kills me. When it hits me, there are things in life you just don’t gamble with. So I decided to fold for the greater good,” explained Dawson. “I wanted to do what was right for the district, what was right for my family, and save my community the drama of further division. I am absolutely heartbroken today.”

In getting to know Mr. Dawson over the last few months I know the level of love he has for his community. I know the level of respect he had for the seat he held. This was a difficult decision for him and it was extremely difficult on his family to hear things that were being said about him. I am sad to see him resign but I do respect him for his decision he made and the timing he chose.

News Media and their role

The most stunning thing about this entire process was not seeing how dysfunctional Discovery Bay is, but rather the media’s coverage of this beautiful town. The media essentially allowed a bunch of radicals to dictate the rules by failing to expose the Petitioners and the games they played with people of Discovery Bay.

You had people who could have put information out that reported the despicable antics but instead chose to act like “Switzerland” and refused to report truths—that is nothing more than chicken poop if you ask me.

What should have occurred was that the Petitioners be exposed for their behavior from the start which includes the following examples of unethical behavior and rules violations.

Both major and minor rules violations include the following:

  • Non-Discovery Bay resident was working to gather signatures—a major no-no!!!
  • Safeway booted petitioners out, kept showing up
  • Website for the recall did not properly identify who was behind the recall
  • Brentwood Press printed a sticker not claiming it was a political ad (not the fault of the Press)
  • Gated communities had petitioners collecting signatures against HOA rules
  • Nasty emails, public comments, conversations in parking lots

For whatever reason, the media acted scared of this story and ignored the mud being thrown just to show you how petty these radicals were. It probably would have stopped many people from signing the petition if you ask me. After the Safeway story last week, numerous emails came in to me from people wishing they hadn’t signed the petition.

For the media not to even interview Jessica Dawson, the one person who would have offered Discovery Bay residents a real choice on whether or not to sign a petition, is inexcusable. All she had was one Letter to the Editor published.

I wonder if the local media even realize that Letters to the Editors they allowed to be printed against Mr. Dawson were being used on boards at the recall sites as if the newspapers printed them as support for the recall—meaning the newspapers were being used. I hope they feel bad about it because words do hurt.

Antics Need to Stop

Unless the Town of Discovery Bay says “enough is enough”, these types of antics will only occur again and they will get worse. All this fighting is silly and the democratic process needs to occur, not petty recall attempts by a few radicals who think they speak for the Town when the reality is they do not.

I would encourage the following list of Proponents to grow up and become civil on their next go around when they do not agree with something.

  • Don Flint
  • Mark Doran
  • Jeff Barber
  • Evadene Kirkpatrict
  • Angeline Digiusto
  • John Emerson
  • Eric Item
  • Patricia Schroeder
  • Nadine Kelly
  • Tom Alacon

With a small victory like today, it will come at a cost for each of them and they will be exposed, not by me, but by others. Victories always do have a cost and they will soon pay the price for trying to play Monday morning quarterback with Mr. Dawson and how the City should run its business.

Actions always have consequences and karma does come back to bite and in this case Discovery Bay will be the one paying the price for the antics of a select few.

While the ground is still shaking from today’s announcement, one thing is for certain and that replacing Mr. Dawson will be a difficult task to successfully accomplish.


About burkforoakley

I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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5 Responses to CSD Director Resignation Smart, But Petitioner Antics Need to Stop

  1. HYPOCTRIT says:

    Actions always have consequences and karma does come back to bite and in this case Discovery Bay will be the one paying the price for the antics of a select few.
    Does this go for the Pie Gang as well? It was obvious that group wasn’t protecting Mr. Dawson but sticking him in the back before throwing him under the bus when they found it might tarnish their empire. The story will only get better, but it will not be about Mr. Dawson. I do feel for Mr. Dawson. He will survive and be better off away from the antics of the Piepho’s. I believe he is now rethinking how he was used and thrown away by the gang.

    Burk, come back to Oakley

  2. Bob says:

    For anyone who thought this was really about Brian Dawson or some sanctimonious moral high bar, you only have to read Hypoctrit the coward’s post.

    That’s 3 CSD Directors now in a little over 2 years who have been bullied right out the door by this bunch.

    As was said a looooong time ago, this is about a core group of malcontents who want to control the DBCSD. But do it from the cheap seats where they can operate in the shadows and not take criticism for their actions. This was just the latest in a long running effort. They are not done by any means.

    If I was a sitting Director or town’s legal counsel or the GM, I’d be very concerned. Because this group has indicated several times in written communication to the District that they want to dismiss all of them. I hear Jonathan Silver had contacted the District before the ink on Brian’s resignation was even dry.

    The mob won this one and they did it by exerting merciless pressure on Brian. Even worse, by taking it out on his family and two impressionable young girls. No one should EVER have to endure the lies these people spoke and wrote about their father. That speaks to a campaign with no honor, no integrity and now no accountability.

    That’s why I got involved in this mess after purposely sitting on the sidelines for months. As distasteful as the underlying incident was I couldn’t tolerate a group of individuals, especially Doran and Flint, mercilessly pummeling a man who could not properly defend himself publicly because of his pending court case. They originally went after him for his disability and only after I pointed out how illegal that was did they change their story. These two attacked in ways that were totally reprehensible and for Don to offer some smarmy response on the Press site is a complete insult.

    How mentally challenged do you have to be to suggest you can un-rob a bank, which is basically what Flint tried to do with that post? You spend 3 months posting lies and publicly murdering a family’s spirit and you post that crap?

    I would like to say it’s good that the town can turn the page here and we can move on. But one would have to be completely delusional to be believe these people are done. It’s on to the next target for them. Brian was one of the few who have held a seat on the board and was willing to push back against some of the nonsense. With their time and energy not being spent on him, they’ll consolidate to focus on who they want to take out next.

    What I’m starting to understand is the CSD is going to have to be allowed to be overtaken by these people. It will be similar to what happened in San Ramon a few years ago. You let the nuts run the show and after they driven it into the ground and cost the rate payers a bunch of money, only then do people start to realize their destructive nature. Only when people feel it in their wallets will they even pay attention.

    I predict the town is in for a rocky few years, but the apathy runs so deep here that maybe most won’t even care. They obviously didn’t care enough here to stand up for the truth on this one.

    • reasonableness says:

      Post for Bob,
      As a 20 year resident of Discovery Bay, I find it very a little more than irritating that you seem to have nominated yourself as the spokesperson for what we need in this town. Yet as our resident expert on just about everything, I’ve never seen your name on a ballot? Why is that Bob? It would appear to me that you have taken up residency in one of those cheap seats.

      As for the other directors that were forced out of office? Really? That’s selective memory Bob! Why don’t you state the facts about why they left? Like your friend Mr. Dawson, each engaged in some sort of conduct or were involved a situation that made it in the best interest of Discovery Bay that they no longer serve.

      Your attempt to blame everyone else for trying to recall him is a pathetic attempt at the diversion of the facts. If he was such a great guy, then what were you worried about? He would have withstood the recall and retained his seat on the board.

      As for Mr. Dawson, you have chosen to ignore the fact that the man is accused of endangering his children and beating his wife. It is offensive to every person with a disability that Mr. Dawson uses this as an excuse for his bad choices and criminal behavior. Thousand upon thousands of people with disabilities make the right choices for themselves and their families. Because he seems to be personal friend of yours, does not mitigate wrong doing. Somehow we are all supposed to agree that it’s not that bad because his wife is now standing by her disabled man! Please ! Hopefully rather than continuing to be the victim of battered woman’s syndrome she will find the strength and dignity to help herself out of a bad situation.

      Those that have been arrested for crimes and are awaiting trial have no business holding public office or the public trust! If he was the honorable man you try to claim he is, he would have resigned months ago and saved the town the embarrassment that he created. By refusing to step down, he victimized his family twice. He has no business whinning about pressure on the wife and children that he victimized in the first place! The mess created by Mr. Dawson is an unnecessary distraction to town business. Thankfully now, we can get on with the important problems that need attention !

  3. Bob says:

    Here’s some advice for reasonableness:

    Check your driver’s license. Come back and post with whatever name is listed on it and we can start a discussion on the credibility of your assertions made here.

    I’m not keen on internet cowards who engage only in drive-by innuendo and history rewrites, which pretty much sums up your post.

  4. This was definitely a sad day, not just for the Discovery Bay community, but for communities throughout our country. What boggles my mind most about this is why was this group was in such a hurry to jump on this? Why did they not wait until after his court date? There is a little something in our Bill of Rights that talks about a speedy and public trial- you remember the 6th Amendment. Is this something that holds true for everyone else except Brian Dawson? Do we now have the right to punish those who have not been found guilty of a crime? This entire situation is nothing more than the break down of the core rights guaranteed to us by our Founding Fathers. The chiseling away of our basic freedoms. That is what hate breeds. There is no patience in hate. There is no reason behind hate. There is no logic behind hate.
    I hope this community takes this opportunity to WAKE UP and start educating themselves before they rally behind any petition, any candidate, any ballot measure. Find out the facts. Make your own decisions, not because your friend says so, not because your pressured into signing something, not because some stranger in front of Safeway believes it is in your best interest.
    This community lost a lot with the resignation of Brian Dawson, but the many benefits he brought forth to our town will be remembered for many years to come, and for that, I thank you Brian.

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