Oakley Parks Division to Renovate Infields at Ball Fields

Nothing fancy to report here except Oakley will update its infields at its ball fields. Below is a quick update via the City Website.

Oakley Parks Division to Renovate Infields at Ball Fields

The City of Oakley Parks Division will soon be preparing their ball fields for spring and summer use. Laurel Ballfields and Summer Lake Community Park ball fields will undergo the most extensive repair. Creekside Park, Cypress Grove Park, Magnolia Park, and Shady Oak Park ball fields will receive routine annual preparation.

The two infields at Summer Lake are being converted from grass infields to skinned infields.

“This improvement will provide for increased use of the fields, a more level playing surface, and lower annual maintenance costs,” said Leonard Morrow, Interim Parks Manager.

The 90’ baseball field at Laurel Ballfields, referred to as Field 1, will receive the most extensive repair at that site. Worn turf will be removed and new sod will be installed. Lip buildup along the baselines and arc will be removed. Edging along the base paths will be straightened and infield mix will be added, spread, graded, and compacted throughout the entire infield.

“The playability of this field will be greatly enhanced,” Morrow noted.

The renovation and repair work will take place at Laurel Ballfields from February 16th to the 22rd, Summer Lake from February 28th to March 7th, and Cypress Grove Park February 27th & 28th. Repairs at the other sites are still being scheduled.

The use of the fields will not be permitted during those dates. Signage will be posted noting the field is closed during the work.



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