Hudson Campaign Calls for AD-11 Delta Debate

Rodney Stanhope, campaign manager for AD-11 candidate Mike Hudson (Republican), made two Facebook posts this week calling on a Delta Debate while attending the Rio Vista Chamber Installation Dinner.  Although arrogant, the idea is one that should be considered.

His first post read:

Rodney Stanhope:  Headed to The Rio Vista Chamber Installation Dinner! First Head to Head w/ all #CAAD11 candidates! They should know the Delta is Team Hudson Country! Only 1 candidate has a path to economic prosperity & a plan to save the delta!

His second post read:

Rodney Stanhope: So I got a great idea tonight from a friend!! Team Hudson challenges all candidates for #CAAD11 to “The 2012 Delta Debate” let’s discuss solutions over empty promises!!

First thoughts on Mr. Stanhope’s arrogant post were that its way too early to start running ones mouth considering his campaign has only raised $5,200 during the last reporting. He is also making statements without a proper Delta Plan in place. Little is publicly known what Mr. Hudson will do for the Delta if elected.

In an article from the River-News Herald and Isleton Journal, it outlines vaguely Hudson’s Delta Plan,

A large issue that Hudson plans to address if elected to this position is the Delta waterways. Water storage and conveyance is also a hotly contested issue in District 11. The area is a focal point for California’s water problems. It has been said that the Delta’s water supply is one earthquake away from an epic disaster. The issue of failing levee systems and the lack of water storage capacity is a major concern for Hudson. Saltwater intrusion in the Delta and lost farmlands are also major concerns.

Based on the vagueness of the paragraph above, Mr. Stanhope should worry more about being clear of what Mr. Hudson’s solution will be, not stating just his concerns.

With that being said, the more I thought about Mr. Stanhopes posts, my opinion changed. It’s actually a wonderful idea.  I will even volunteer my time to moderate such a debate if one occurred. It gives each candidate an opportunity to proclaim they are the most “Delta Friendly” candidate.

This would allow each candidate an opportunity to specifically lay out their plan to “Save the Delta” and let the voters decide who is full of an empty promise or not. Current legislation could be discussed, new ideas could be introduced, and most importantly, it can be discussed what each candidates record shows in how they have actually supported the Delta and rather than a simple campaign promise.

While Mr. Stanhope clearly demonstrates arrogance via Facebook from “Team Hudson”, I do hope his idea for a Delta Debate is considered and adopted by all the AD-11 candidates in order to provide more information to the voters for the June 5 primary.


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