Network of Care Photographs

For anyone not attending Saturday’s 6th Annual Network of Care Crab Feed event, you missed something wonderful and a world class event as there was over 300  people in attendance, wonderful food, and the cause was second to none!

The highlight of the night to me came when Jim and Janet Frazier were at the podium and told their story of how the inspiration of the Foundation started through a tragedy. They took a tragedy and pressed on. They took that pain and created something positive with their emotions. In fact, they announced the foundation had surpassed over 100,000 bags provided to families at hospitals during a time of need—it was also announced they would be expanding into the Phoenix Area.

Mike Davies and Greg Robinson did a fabulous job on the Microphone while keeping the event entertaining and moving along. The 4-H Club was fantastic at ensuring crab and pasta kept coming and overall it added to the atmosphere.

Not to ramble on but I want to give a shout out to the Oakley Teachers who attended.  The Oakley kids are in good hands as I came away impressed with what they are all about and gives so much to not only their students, but to the community as a whole. They are a great group of people along with the group over at Deer Valley who work after hours 3-times a week with special needs people to provide volunteer opportunities—truly a wonderful group. I hope to follow up with them in the next few weeks and provide their story on this blog.

I had never attended one of these events before and I wish I had as it changed my perspective on how it’s the little things that make a big difference. Think about it, a gesture as little as a nurse giving away half a sandwich turned into two people starting a foundation and a few years assisting over 50-hostpitals with food bags to help others. It’s an amazing story.  In what was 10 bags a month has now turned into a few thousand a month. That’s a story man, not to mention inspirational.


I took many photographs throughout the night and rather than try and upload them all or send out many emails, I created a little website via Shutterfly. Be sure to click on the Pictures & Videos link.  If you have trouble downloading your photograph, let me know and I’ll send it to you. You can email me at

Photo Link

Network of Care Official Website:


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