Assembly Candidate Frazier Blasts California State University Executive Pay Raises

March 21, 2012

One Day After Threatening Reductions in Student Enrollment, CSU Hikes Executive Salaries

Assembly Candidate Frazier Blasts California State University Executive Pay Raises

Saying that it sends the wrong message to struggling parents and prospective and current college students throughout California, Jim Frazier, District 11 candidate for State Assembly blasted California State University Trustees today for yesterday’s decision to give the President of CSU East Bay and the Cal State Fullerton presidents a 10% raise.

“The day after CSU announces that budget cuts will likely reduce student enrollment next year by as much as 25,000 students, its trustees voted to approve raises for its top executives,” Frazier said.  “Their priorities are way off,” Frazier added.

Frazier is referring to the vote by California State University trustees yesterday to hike the base salaries of the President of Cal State East Bay to $303,000 and the President of Cal State Fullerton to $324,000 a year.

“Something is definitely wrong when university executives are given raises at the same time parents and college students are struggling to pay more for tuition,” Frazier said.  “They are sending the wrong message.”

Frazier added that these same Cal State executives receive a $12,000 car allowance and a $60,000 housing allowance, on top of their generous salaries.

“These are public servants, working for us, not working for a fortune 500 company,” Frazier added.  “These executives should be asked to make the same sacrifices our students and their families are making.”

Frazier is sending a letter to the President of Cal State East Bay President Leroy Morishita requesting that he “forego” his 10% raise and instead allocate the funds to pay for badly-needed scholarships for students.

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