City Council Meeting Recap

I was unable to attend last nights meeting, but it did allow me a chance to view the meeting on the City Website where the video was recorded and posted online.  Overall, a few glitches and I have the same complaint the video stinks, but the audio is great.

Here are last nights highlights.

Item 1.3:
April 28, 2012 was proclaimed as “Mormon Helping Hands Day” by Mayor Kevin Romick. Diane Burgess (Friends of Marsh Creek) stated she was pleased to work with the Mormon Church. She stated there is a creek clean up, doing a trash assessment for City of Oakley for permits and a planting next to the O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Item 1.4:
Jenna Skinner received a Proclamation for National Library Work April 8-14, 2012.

Item 1.5:
Jenna Skinner gave an update on the library. She stated 75,000 people visited the library. Offered 190 programs to citizens of Oakley—same level as Danville and Clayton. Attendance for story time continues to climb to over 250.  They have applied for a movie license and in working on a movie night in the summer each week. Space is still a concern for materials and prograMS.

Public Comments

Tim Johnson, $76,000 was raised las year by the District. Goal is 100k. May 2nd off Fairview/Balfour. Fill the Boot, firefighters in Antioch, Brentwood.

Nora Booth showed appreciation for sidewalks being fixed by the city.

Item 3.4 Adopt a Resolution Establishing the Rate Per Equivalent Runoff Unit for Fiscal year 2012-2013.

Diane Burgess, Friend of Marsh Creek, spoke because she wanted to make the council aware that the Friend of Oakley supports the city through volunteer work and understands that on the budget, some of the funding can go to volunteer groups. Wanted to remind the council of those funds and they are accepting funds from sources that appreciate what they do.

According to the Staff Report, The proposed rate for Fiscal Year 2012/2013 of $30.00 per equivalent runoff unit is the same as the rate adopted for the last several fiscal years. Adoption of the resolution will authorize the Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District to collect approximately $460,000.00 from the property tax rolls on Oakley’s behalf to fund program costs. Motion carried 5-0.

Item 5.1 Adopt a Resolution in Support of You, Me, We Oakley
“it’s an honor to be part of a group that brings the human factor into our everyday lives. I was at one of the events where we were at St. Anthony’s Church with our police chief and city manager Mr. Montgomery.  And was part of the integration with trust with our police department with family that might have come from another place that didn’t have trust with their police department. Our chief trying to do it in Spanish really touched my soul that he took the time, he didn’t do it well, but he did it.

And what he scheduled to kick off the soccer ball as well. A willingness of a kind thought in the beginning and us moving forward. This is actually named by our councilmember Anderson,

“It’s something as a community that we can come together in crisis. When we had crisis we come together, but now we don’t need a crisis to come together and it’s about being able to understand and value each other,” said Councilman Jim Frazier.

“if you take a look around this room tonight, this is really a microcosm of what we are talking about. There are a variety of ages, a variety genders, and backgrounds before us and what this effort does and what I believe Oakley represents is the fact the differences we have are assets and we should be celebrating those,” said Councilwoman Pat Anderson.  Resolution passes 5-0.

Item 5.2 Discuss Polling Facility:

The City has been contacted by the Contra Costa County Elections Division (CCCED) to request the use of a City facility as a polling facility for the Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Presidential Primary Election and Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Presidential General Election. Staff suggested Council Chambers or the Oakley Recreation Buildings on O’Hara Avenue.

Mayor Kevin Romick suggested Council Chambers for less impact around the City.  Councilwoman Pat Anderson explained that the polling is busy and distracting. She said the distractions are huge and prefer not to distract the workers at city hall. Did not want to interfere with Black Bear Diner parking and would prefer the Oakley Recreation Buildings. Councilman Randy Pope chimed in and agreed with Ms. Anderson.  Ms. Rios also agreed with Ms. Anderson but wanted to use the day to capitalize on promoting Oakley recreation. Romick conceded.

Item 5.3 Lease Agreement with Dirty Pirate Clothing

Essentially, the City has agreed to an 800 square feet building for $500 on a month to month basis—or just $1.60 per square foot.

According to the staff report, the vacant space needs significant improvements, such as flooring and painting of the interior walls. Mr. Ambrosini and Mr. Diaz propose to make these improvements at their expense (our actual cost could reach $5,000). The partners have offered to rent the space at $500 per month on a month-to-month basis, and will power wash the exterior of the building.

Councilman Frazier suggested staff help the tenant to have a backup location in case they are uprooted due to future sale of the building.


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