April 24: Oakley to Host Strategic Meeting

While I admit I am not a fan of the format chosen as this appears to be more of an open house as opposed to a traditional Strategic Meeting. However, I do think the City should get kudos for trying to make this a big event in order to get resident suggestions, feedback and have an open line of communication.  If there is a large enough attendance, it appears a lot of good discussion, outreach, and implementations for the next two years may occur.

Strategic Planning Meeting

Be a part of the decision making! Join staff and the City Council on Tuesday, April 24th for the Community Strategic Planning Meeting to be held at Freedom High School’s Gymnasium. Please also help us spread the word by telling others and sharing the flyer.

During the event you will have the opportunity to attend two sessions (of your choosing), learn some background to inform you input regarding what the future direction should be. Afterwards the whole group will review all the suggestions and vote on priorities.

Topics of discussion for that night include:

  • Economic Development/Downtown Revitalization
  • Planned, Quality Growth
  • Traffic Safety & Capacity
  • Public Safety
  • Parks, Streetscapes & Recreation
  • Community Outreach, Communication & Participation
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