Contra Costa Times Endorses Wrong AD-11 Candidate

This past Sunday, the Contra Costa Times offered their recommendation/endorsement of AD-11 Candidate Mike Hudson.  Nothing against Mike Hudson, but the Times really got this one wrong.

The Times did not give the endorsement to the best candidate who could make the biggest difference for our District, they didn’t even give it to the second best candidate; they gave the endorsement to a Republican because of partisan politics. I really like Mike Hudson and where he stands on the issues, but we need to look past party politics at who would most benefit the District in its entirety—Hudson is not the answer.

Mr. Hudson simply is touting very far right Republican talking points in the three forums I’ve attended—not offering new ideas of his own as apparently the Times seems to think. If elected and he takes that stance in Sacramento, our district is immediately alienated and ignored.

Again, nothing against Mr. Hudson, but it’s the reality of Sacramento. Councilman Jim Frazier on the other hand has the relationships to help our District and benefit it—meaning he is fast tracked to success if elected. Frazier has also proven he can work regionally and has had many successes.

Geographically speaking, the Times also royally screwed this recommendation up because they are now advocating for a candidate in another county. There are five candidates from Solano County and just one in Contra Costa County. Geographically speaking, we do not need someone from Solano County representing us!

I am personally breaking from my political party because I want local representation for Oakley and Contra Costa County in Sacramento. Antioch and Brentwood had better hope Frazier makes it past the primary because they would also directly benefit. Good luck trying to get someone from Solano going to bat for us over here.

What the Times did was a simple strategy aimed at giving themselves kudos later. Basically it allows them to say, “Hey look at us, we picked that one right because we know what we are talking about.”

Fine, they can play that game, but they have now put Contra Costa County in jeopardy for representation. Rather than someone who could provide the biggest benefit to the District, instead, they wanted to get a win and pick someone who is a lock for the top two for personal benefits.

It’s time for Contra Costa County to rally behind its only candidate and work hard to get him into the top two.  We deserve to have local representation in Sacramento and it’s time to make it happen. We need to work together to ensure voters get to the polls and vote for Frazier.


About burkforoakley

I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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