Brentwood Press: “Must Reads” on ECCFPD

Rick Lemyr and Vince Wells provided some wonderful information about the ECCFPD and Measure S in this weeks Brentwood Press. I’d urge you all to check out both articles.

Not your standard 9-to-5 occupation
by Rick Lemyr
This piece is a nice providing an overview of Fire Service and what is needed during an incident. Specifically, it discusses what firefighters do from 9-5.In 2011, they answered 6,260 calls, an average of slightly more than 17 per day.

• 4,569 of the calls, about 12 per day, were medical emergencies or traffic accidents.

• 744 calls (two per day) were for fires or emergencies involving life-threatening hazards such as gas leaks or electrical wires down. ECCFPD Chief Hugh Henderson estimates 100 of these calls were structure or wildland fires.

• 947 (2½ per day) were for various public-service calls, including smoke alarms (without a fire), animal rescues or other incidents in which people “didn’t know who to call, so they called the fire department,” Henderson said. (More information on calls and response times will be included in Part 5 of this series: service delivery.)

Fire tax failure would be costly
By Vince Wells
This piece talks about the consequences of a Measure S failure which includes Insurance Rate increases, reduced services, and how it may take a while for another solution to come–meanwhile, East County is stuck with very little service to cover 250 square miles + water.

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