ECCFPD Releases Proposed Staffing Models

This should have the attention of every resident of East County as the ECCFPD has released its proposed staffing models.  It appears staff is recommending a three station model is in play.

This means that a Brentwood station, and the Bethle Island and  Knightsen Stations are on the chopping block.

Via the Board Packet which can be viewed at ECCFPD Website

Three-Station Model – consists of stations in Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Oakley. All three stations would be staffed with three personnel consisting of a Fire Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter. The Three-Station Model has higher staffing costs, but those are offset by a reduction in day-to-day station costs. Operating service out of three stations reduces the wear on tear on the existing equipment and will provide additional capital equipment for rotating in and out of service. A three station model would require 27 fire personnel compared to the current 43 FTE’s.

Four-Station Model – consists of two stations in Brentwood, and one station each in Discovery Bay and Oakley. All four stations would be staffed with two personnel, consisting of a Fire Captain and Engineer. The staffing costs associated with the Four-Station Model are reduced by three personnel from the Three-Station Model. This option requires additional day-to-day expenditures associated with an additional station. A four

Operational Impacts and Changes:

Both staffing models will require auto/mutual aid for fires and major incidents within the District and response times are projected to increase. The District will need to make major changes in its responses, priorities to calls, and the use of auto-aid.

1. The response plan would be modified for the number of units responding to an incident. For example vehicle accidents are currently two engines and a Battalion Chief.

2. Non-emergency calls would not be responded too until a District engine was available and would not be responded to with auto or mutual aid to reduce the impact outside agencies.

3. District programs will need review – such as the Fireboat, Reserve, and CAL E.M.A. watertender.

4. No move-up/station coverage, in other words if all the engines are covering calls certain areas may not have any coverage until the engine is done with the call.

5. Auto-aid would only be used for emergency calls.


Staff is recommending the Three-Station Model (Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Oakley), to provide a fully staffed three personnel engine company to respond to emergencies within the District. This model provides the best service model for the District as well as the safety for our District and Firefighters. The following are examples of why it provides the best service:

– On a working structure fire with a known rescue: two crew members can enter the fire to perform the rescue, leaving a crew member outside to monitor safety and equipment.

– On a working structure fire without a rescue; once the Battalion Chief arrives on scene, he can then fulfill the fourth member position to institute the 2-in and 2-out safety rule.

– On a vehicle accident with more than one patient: medical care can be provided immediately.

– Medical emergencies with heavy or immobile patients can be handled with one fully staffed engine versus waiting for a second engine to arrive if available.

– Specialized emergencies: a three-person crew can immediately dispatch a second piece of equipment as a part of the initial response (i.e., water tender for rural area structure fire or wild land vegetation fire) instead of having to dispatch from a second station, if available.

Staff requests further direction from the Board so that it can prepare a budget proposal for the June meeting. State law requires the District to adopt a preliminary budget by June 30, in addition, due to the financial situation of the District, in the event the parcel tax does not pass, staff believes that the District board will have to take action in June on a balanced budget service model that will take effect on July 1.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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2 Responses to ECCFPD Releases Proposed Staffing Models

  1. Bob says:

    Read that carefully, people. The next major auto accident on Vasco could pull both engines out of Brentwood. No move ups. That leaves a city of nearly 50,000 people without a single operational fire engine parked in it.

    What the opposition group is thinking by inviting this disaster is beyond my comprehension.

  2. Jeff B says:

    I am a million miles away from having any kind of real fire/ems knowledge base but I have lived in a lot of places, I do get around and I do make observations. Real world observations are quite powerful problem solving tools (and no doubt scary to those who cherish the status quo).

    So this is what I know from just observing the real world…..

    Other FD’s challenged with covering a lot of sq mi and diverse areas deploy not just one staffing model…they mix it up based on specific needs/circumstances and they seem to employ more of a make it happen approach than I am reading ECCFPD will do when this new tax fails.

    With most FD calls being BLS medical (and other no danger calls, no running into burning buildings) and with everyone saying seconds count, and with AMR in the mix, and there being plenty of fire engines, and with there being plenty of fire stations….. it would seem logical to spread the crews out to keep the BLS times to a minimum. This is definitely used in other places to get a first responder to each call ASAP for basic life support where time does matter and for starting the attack on other situations. I actually took the opportunity today to speak to a full time firefighter who staffs a one person station. I asked him if he felt compromised and he said no way, he felt his deployment was beneficial and could really make a difference in a range of situations. He went into some detail and I was impressed with how well thought out his situation was.

    So I know as you all are reading this your sharp minds are cranking out all the reasons this can’t work in CCC. Hey try this for once….try thinking of a few reasons it could work and how under a less than optimum situation this FD could adopt customary practices successfully employed all over the country to put BLS responders in the best position to quickly respond.

    Ya I know keeping a station open for a one person crew would incur a utility bill. I bet if Bethel Island (or byron or morgan, or knighteson) could keep one person on duty in the local station by the community simply raising money to pay the utility bill… doubt it would happen within days and the little bit of money needed for utility bills would keep on flowing. And clearly taking a one person slot at standard pay is better than not having a job at all (that is if working is the real goal).

    You doom and gloom, suck up more tax money, jack up the comp guys need to get your heads out of the union/BOS you know whats and take a look beyond what you are being told by the special interests. Take a look at the real world and consider a can-do attitude.

    Sooner or later both county FD’s will need to be shut down and a new one started….simple math says so, solvency can not be achieved in any other acceptable way. No way around it unless you want to everyone to just start signing over their pay checks to the county. A NO VOTE will speed up the process and that is a good thing. In the mean time more creative deployments, as used in many other places, should be carefully evaluated and given a fair chance for consideration.


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