Councilman Pope Withdraws From Only Committee

Councilman Randy Pope announced that he will no longer be able to serve on the Ironhouse Sanitary District citing his work schedule and either needs to be replaced or his alternate should start attending. What this now means is that the councilman has zero committees and is essentially getting a free ride to serve with little responsibilities.

The question has to be asked why is Mr. Pope still a councilman if all he wants to do is show up to meetings and not put the time in to do his civic duty–which is participate in committees and report back to the council.

If you remember, earlier this year Jim Frazier was appointed to Habitat Conservation Plan Executive Committee/HCP Conservancy while replacing Pope. Four months later, he has now dropped his one and only committee.

Looking at the rest of the council, each of them serve on multiple committees including Kevin Romick who serves on more than 10.

Something does not smell right as it’s just bizarre to me that someone who wanted to serve the public, wanted to make a commitment to the public has made little sacrifice to the city he wanted to serve.

The other angle to look at is when you serve on committees, that is how you build relationships and gain more information. You get more things accomplished because you learn things and are better prepared to educate the public–in this case, information gathered can help make decisions on Ironhouse Sanitary that may for whatever reason arise in Oakley.

If last nights city council meeting was any indication of what the future holds, Mr. Pope is reduced to simply grandstanding and wasting peoples time in order to feel important.

At this point, I guess he now has more time on his hands for Facebook and can better serve his role as Administrator on the Oakley Watchdog. That or he can continue to misuse public funds by holding a contests using a city email address.

Since Mr. Pope does not want to fulfill his role as a councilman, I believe its now time for him to consider stepping down so that someone else can pick up his slack.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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One Response to Councilman Pope Withdraws From Only Committee

  1. Linda Morse-Robertson says:

    While I have not been active until recently, I guess the author does not realize how Mr. Pope DOES listen to citizens. He graciously gave up a Sunday afternoon with his family recently to come talk to a group of us about our concerns in regards to the ag issues facing Oakley. I, for one appreciated his time and feedback. He was very forthcoming with his help and suggestions. Thank you for the opportunity to reply.

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