AD-11 Candidate Mike Hudson’s $33k Travel Bill

There was an interesting piece in the Daily Republic by columnist Kevin Wade highlighting some travel expenses of AD-11 Candidate Mike Hudson.  Essentially, it proves Mike Hudson is not as as fiscally conservative as he says. He is raking up bills for the taxpayers as the numbers below do not even include his council expenses.

According to Wade, Last year, Councilman Mike Hudson, who has not gone on any CASA-related junkets this year, racked up $8,870.39 in CASA trips. Hudson is running for state Assembly.

Wade Continues, In his five years on the Suisun City Council he has amassed $33,581.32 in CASA trips. Suisun taxpayers could’ve sent him to a four-year college for a BA for that money. It could be argued that attending those conferences better prepared him to be an effective councilman and future assemblyman. Only the voters can decide that.

Keep in mind these are only sewer district/CASA-related trips. They don’t include trips or expenses council members might’ve made for their cities or as members of the Solano Transportation Authority, for example. There’s more to look into and it’s coming.

Full Column:


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