Kris Hunt Should Apologize or Resign Immediately

I understand that the debate on Measure S is an emotional one and a lot is at stake for East County, however, Kris Hunt who is President of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association made a statement towards Vince Wells that is inappropriate.

This is a copy and paste from the Oakley Watchdog on Facebook:

Kris Hunt: In regards to Measure S, I have used the term scare tactic because the Fire Board offered a tax that doubles the district’s revenue overnight and funds a 30% staffing increase. The poll done by the Board indicated that voters would only likely support a tax of $96. Instead they put forth a tax that starts at double that and grows to be $250. Then they say VOTE FOR THIS OR Else WE CLOSE THE STATIONS!

There could have been a more modest plan that residents would have supported and could have met the District’s needs but not the massive expansion.

Vince Wells’ argument is like the definition of the Yiddish word “Chutzpah” where a man kills his father and then asks the judge for mercy because he is now an orphan.

First of all, no poll ever said that voters would support a $96 tax plan–it came in at 58-60% which is clearly no where near the 66% required. Common sense shows that poll equates to a losing Measure.  Second of all, its a reality that stations will close due to a reduction in property tax revenue, so Mr. Wells is not lying.

Mr. Wells, President, Local 1230 Contra Costa Professional Firefighters has continued to take the high road during this process, even at times encouraging me to tone it down. But Ms. Hunt’s statement clearly uses an inappropriate example and some could take it as a derogatory statement. Clearly, its inappropriate!

We can disagree all we want–that is fine and our right, but to take cheap shots like she is now taking shows this phony Contra Costa Taxpayer Association is getting desperate.

I’d urge Ms. Hunt to personally apologize to Mr. Wells or to step down immediately from the Association.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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7 Responses to Kris Hunt Should Apologize or Resign Immediately

  1. Wendy Lack says:

    ” . . . no poll ever said that voters would support a $96 tax plan–it came in at 58-60% which is clearly no where near the 66% required. Common sense shows that poll equates to a losing Measure.”

    So are you saying that two-thirds + of voters will not support a $197 tax plan (with escalator clause)? If so, what “common sense” was used to place Measure S on the ballot in the first place?

    Please explain how readers can reconcile your support of Measure S with your statement about the polling results that strongly suggest it is “a losing measure.”

  2. Bob says:

    Wendy, the service levels and features of the $197 assessment was never polled. So you are trying to compare apples to ghosts.

    But you effectively changed the subject away from Mike’s point, and that is that you have made a false or misleading statement about support for the $96.

    If your group had engaged in the open meeting process that brought us to where we are today, you wouldn’t have to ask the question how we got here with $197. But instead you have chosen to make wild assumptions, distribute considerable amounts of misinformation and have, generally speaking, parked common sense at the door when you came in here.

    Not to mention you have a bad habit of commenting on documents you post to your own site apparently without bothering to read all the way to the end of them. I’m referring to Kris’ repetitive reference to water supply in ISO ratings, while completely leaving out the fact it is preempted when the fire district is inadequately staffed. One being deficient takes down the scoring of both. So tell me again what logic tree you used to conclude an insurance rate increase is a long shot.

    Put the full set of facts out there. Not just the twisted ones that suit your agenda.

    While you’re here, can you tell me if AMR is included in your list of corporate donors to the club? It’s obviously a relevant question under the circumstances because you have taken a major stance against the fire district picking up paramedic service. Which I believe has been shown to you to be a major money saver as well.

  3. Well Wendy, its very simple. The $96 proposed tax had a different purpose than the current $196. Each have two very different outcomes as to what would be provided and what could be implemented. I don’t put much in polls, common sense tells me anytime you go for 2/3 to pay a tax, its difficult. I will support Measure S because its the right thing to do given the entire situation and the revenue problem.

    Unlike you and your CoCO Tax Association buddies, I am not looking at it from a $96 or $197, $250 or $2,200 tax. I am looking at it from a public safety standpoint and when 911 is called, someone will continue to show up. I’ll gladly pay my $197 tomorrow for the year if I could.

    • Wendy Lack says:

      You may not look at tax rates, but most voters do. That’s why political campaigns spend money to do polling.

      • Good for political campaigns… I don’t pay much attention to them to be honest.

      • Bob says:

        Wendy, why are you obfuscating?

        There was no polling done on $197. Period and amen. For two reasons. One being the money and two being they didn’t have the time. If your club representatives had attended the meetings or even read the minutes, you would know that.

        I’m still looking for an answer for why Kris Hunt repeatedly, in the TV debate I just watched, kept saying that the voters would approve the $96 when no such polling exits. She said it 5 times if she said it once, so this isn’t some slip of the tongue.

        Why is CoCoTax putting out misinformation like that?

        I’d also like an answer to my AMR question. You preaching government transparency on the forums when you don’t practice it. What’s the word for that again?

        If there is a conflict of interest here on the part or your organization, the voters deserve to know.

  4. And more to the point… this topic is about how Kris Hunt should resign… not to justify my support of Measure S. This woman has crossed the line.

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