California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Measure S

Well there you have it folks, the State Insurance Commissioner was sly when he stated insurance premiums will skyrocket.  Any savings by voting no will be immediately paid back to the insurance companies and then some.

Like I’ve said before, you might as well vote Yes and at least have services. Insurance agents will not show up to your house in an emergency.

Statement from California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Measure S

“As California’s Insurance Commissioner, I am concerned that the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District is facing serious budget shortfalls that could significantly impact your homeowners insurance rates.

Measure S on the June 5th ballot will protect your current fire protection service.  Most insurance companies use a Public Protection Classification program that evaluates key areas of fire protection including emergency communications, water supply and fire departments (adequacy of equipment, sufficient staffing, evaluation of training, existence of automatic aid, and geographic distribution of fire companies).

Without Measure S, fifty percent of firefighters will be laid off and three fire stations will be closed.  That leaves only 8 firefighters daily to service the 105,000 residents and approximately 6,000 service calls each year.

And if emergency response times go up, it could affect your “Public Protection Class” ratings and increase your homeowners insurance rates.

Measure S will give the Fire District the funding it desperately needs to maintain critical fire protection.  An annual parcel tax of $197 (just 50 cents a day) will ensure adequate fire and emergency response services, and stop your insurance premiums from skyrocketing.  I urge you to vote Yes on Measure S.”

For more information on Measure S, please visit


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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2 Responses to California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Measure S

  1. jeff b says:

    A lot of ‘could’ & ‘might’ laced into this topic.

    Balancing all the variables and keeping a focus on the true big picture…that is that the new tax (i.e., taking more than $10,000,000.00 out of a place like Discovery Bay) for a non sustainable solution…this insurance issue is not going to impact the vast majority of the district residents. Could & might shift to ‘highly unlikely’ for those in the three population centers (DB, Brentwood, Oakley).

    I would like to see in writing from somebody way more significant than a local agent that if the distance from your present station does not change that your rates ‘will’ go up. And I’d like it to be said in writing for the 5 most prevalent home insurance cos in the district. If this is truly the risk that is contained in the union talking points then getting it in writing, pertaining to the 3 population centers, for the top 5 insurers should be no problem (if it was true I would suspect it would have already been done). If it is not the risk that is being touted (for the vast majority) then there will be nothing forthcoming in writing from a significant source and it will be the same old scare tactics being directed purposely at the majority.

    But once again I must make my point (that the union won’t/can’t refute) the real/only sustainable county wide solution is to build a NEW fire department with a comp plan near to the national average for the approximate 30% of the US firefighters that are paid-full time. This is not a county that can afford the same kind of fire department pay rate as places like NY, NY. Every time the union says how underpaid ECCFPD is (without saying they are already at/near the national average) they are raising a red flag and painting themselves into a corner that causes many to call them greedy.

    Stop the insurance rate scare tactics unless you can do as I suggest and get it in writing (for the population centers) from a substantial source.

    Stop the perception of union greed by admitting that ECCFPD is already well paid based on national averages and admit that Con Fire gets a heck of a pay day compared to the same job in metro areas all over the county.

  2. Bob says:


    Did you just call the California State Insurance Commissioner a “local agent”?

    Jeff, that almost certainly is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen you post!

    ECCFPD makes $17/hr and to listen to you would have people think they just robbed a bank! Plus if you think ConFire makes good money, you’d probably have an aneurism if you explored other fire districts in the Bay Area.

    Here’s an idea: instead of posting on blogs barking orders for others to get quotes, how about you pick up a telephone? I don’t know if snapping your fingers is the way it works around your house and it’s none of my business. But that definitely doesn’t fly here or at fire commission meetings.

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