Oakley Tweaks Personnel Manual

This coming Tuesday, the City Council will approve changes within its City of Oakley Personnel Manual that includes a provision (item 4.9) which prohibits home loans or equity share agreements and a Act/Interim Position. Aside from that item, most of the changes were small.

Finally, this should close the chapter on the infamous “City Manager Deal” which can be put to rest. It can never happen again, but the reality is with it being rescinded before any action could be taken, it never did technically happen in the first place. I don’t want to hear about it ever again!

With that said, Item 4.6 was interesting as allows for temporary salary increases for acting/interim positions. Meaning, reverse this to last summery, when City Manager Bryan Montgomery was taking on 4-additional positions, he could have received an extra 20% bump in pay (5% for reach position).

Relating it to today, I do not believe those 4-positions Mr. Montgomery was filling in on have been filled—meaning up to four people will receive a 5% bump in pay for the time being.  With that said, doing the math, this 5% bump in pay is cheaper than hiring someone where you have to pay a full salary + benefits.

It should be noted, I have no problem with this 5% bump in pay because when you are taking on more duties, one should be rewarded.

If you do have a few hours to kill, I suggest reading the manual because it’s a real eye opener in terms of what City Employees receive.   Below I’ve included some of the changes and policies I found most interesting.

You can view the staff report on the City Website.

Some of the manual Changes are as follows:

Section 4.7.4 Acting/Interim Position
Employees directed to work continuously in a vacant higher level regular position may receive a temporary salary increase to the beginning of the salary range of the higher level position, or at least a 5% temporary increase in pay, whichever is greater, for the time actually worked in excess of 20 work days. Such increase shall be determined as if the assignment had been a promotion retroactive to the first day of such assignment. For purposes of this Manual, a vacant position is defined as an authorized regular position that is unoccupied due to attrition or due to the incumbent being on an extended leave of absence. Requests for higher compensation must be approved by the City Manager. Such requests may only be approved upon certification by the City Manager that the assigned employee meets the minimum training and experience guidelines and is held responsible to fully perform the scope of duties that are outlined in the job description of the higher level position. Assignment rotations among qualified staff are encouraged unless such rotations would considerably disrupt the operations of the departments(s)

NEW 4.9 Employment Incentives
In the process of recruitment, selection and retention, the City may consider various employment incentives. In no case; however, shall the City offer or authorize loans for real property or for any type of equity share agreements for real property to potential or existing City employees.

Section 6.2 Probationary Status
All regular part-time and regular full-time employees hired or promoted shall be required to serve a one (1) year probationary period beginning from the date of appointment or promotion. The probationary period is considered an extension of the testing process and is intended to allow the City to determine if the employee can successfully perform the job and is a good fit for the organization. The probationary employee’s performance will be periodically reviewed during this period. The probationary period does not include time served under a temporary or part-time appointment or for any period of unpaid leave.

During the probationary period, the employee may be rejected from employment at any time, with or without cause, and without any right of appeal, hearing, or grievance procedure. No justification or cause will be provided to a probationary employee rejected from probation.

A regular part-time or full-time employee who is rejected during the probationary period from a position to which she/he has been promoted, may be reinstated to a position in the classification from which she/he was promoted if a vacancy in such a classification exists and unless the employee is terminated from City service as provided for in this Manual.

Section 7.6.4 Reimbursement
When an employee has demonstrated completion of the approved course with a Grade of “8” or better, or a “pass” if the course is offered on only a “pass or fail” basis, the employee will be reimbursed for one hundred percent (100%) of the expenses covering tuition, registration fees, textbooks, and any required or mandatory fees for the approved class. The maximum allowable reimbursement is $2,500 per fiscal year. No other expenses will be considered. Amounts not used are not carried over to the next calendar year. Should an employee drop or fail to complete a course, she/he shall not be entitled to reimbursement.

Note that per section 7.6.2 the Criteria states the course must be scheduled on employees own time, directly related to the employees work, and required for an academic degree in the field that is directly related to the employees work or of clear benefit to the City, at the discretion of the City Manager.

Section 8.10 – Time Reporting – Non Exempt Employees

Deleted: Absences of one full day or more for personal reasons; if an otherwise Exempt salaried employee absents himself or herself for a full day or more on personal business, such absence may be deducted on a prorate basis from the salary owed. A deduction under these circumstances does not affect the salaried exempt worker’s Exempt Status

With a significant percentage of Oakley residents being Hispanic, the city embraces its cultural diversity and recognizes that there are occasions when a customer needs to communicate with employees in Spanish. This bilingual ability is not only beneficial in the performance of department tasks, but also reflects the City’s progressive approach to its delivery of services. Employees who receive bilingual pay shall be determined at the discretion of the City Manager based on the business needs of the City. Employees in the Classified Service, who demonstrate a proficiency in Spanish based on an oral and/or written assessment, approved by the City Manager or her/his designee, shall receive thirty-five dollars ($35) per pay period as bilingual pay. Employees receiving bilingual pay will be asked to translate and assist other departments/divisions as requested. Bilingual pay shall be prorated for employees working less than full-time and/or who are in an unpaid status for any part of the biweekly pay period.

Unless operational needs of the City change, a maximum of eight (8) employees will be eligible to receive bilingual pay. Other languages in addition to Spanish may be added in the future, if it is determined that it is necessary to meet the operational needs of the City

Section 9.14 Wellness Program
The City encourages health and wellness for its employees. As a part of this effort, and as a benefit to employees, the City may pay a portion of monthly health club dues for employees that join an approved local health club located in Oakley. Employees must notify Human Resources within seventy-two {72) hours for all changes to membership status or dues level. Employees are responsible for all membership dues or amounts incurred pursuant to their membership less the City’s monthly contribution.

The City’s payments for this benefit do not qualify for income tax exclusion under Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code and therefore are taxable income. Taxes are the responsibility of the employee, and for those employees electing to participate in the program, applicable income will be reported and taxes withheld as part of payroll processing.

10.18.5. Earning and Accumulating Sick Leave
An employee may accrue seven hundred and twenty (720) hours of sick leave. Once the accrual maximum is reached, the employee can earn no other paid sick leave until the accrual balance is reduced.


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