Picture: Vote Jim Frazier For AD-11

Remember, in an open primary, the top two candidates who receive the most votes (regardless of party) will move on to November. Information on the Open Primary is listed below.

In case you missed it, I am fully supporting Democrat Jim Frazier in the Assembly District 11 race for a number of reasons which include:

  1. He is the only candidate from Contra Costa County running–it’s vital we have local representation.
  2. He is a successful business owner for over 20 years
  3. All of his accomplishments in Oakley which include a balanced budget (30% reserve), all-abilities special needs playground, La Clinica (Doctor to Oakley),  brought jobs,  funding for transportation projects,  power plant, etc.
  4. Labor Friendly
  5. Delta Advocate
  6. Non-profit work with Network of Care & Friends of Oakley–plus many other organizations he participates with.

You can read my full editorial in last weeks Brentwood Press

On June 8, 2010, California Voters approved Proposition 14, which created the “Top Two Open Primary Act”

Prior to the “Top Two Open Primary Act”

  • Candidates running for a partisan office appeared only on their party’s ballot.
  • The top vote-getter from each qualified party and any candidates who qualified using the independent nomination process would then move on to the General Election.

Now, under the “Top Two Open Primary Act”

  • All candidates running, regardless of their party preference, will appear on a single combined ballot.
  • Voters can vote for any candidate from any political party.
  • Changes the way elections are conducted for all statewide offices and the following offices:  • US Senator • US Representative • State Senate •  State Assembly




About burkforoakley

I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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