Phillips: Frazier and Hernandez Support Opportunity

In attending the same forum, I would absolutely agree with him that the two candidates who would most support equal opportunity are Jim Frazier and Patricia Hernandez based on how the question was answered at the forum sponsored by the California Democratic Party African-American Caucus, NAACP Tri-City Branch, and St. Stephen CME Church.

With that said, I would not be cherry picking a candidate based on a single question, I would look at the big picture and see which candidate could be more effective in Sacramento and for the District. While opportunity is an important issue to the NAACP and many others, its not the only issue facing the District.

I can understand Mr. Phillips position in wanting to support Democrats for Assembly who understand what matters to him, but the reality is he should have picked one candidate to back in order not to split the Democratic vote. With four Democrats in the race, split votes ensure a Augustine-Hudson November battle.

The Democrats have 9-days to get behind one candidate, it’s time to pick one and only one!  At this forum, Jim Frazier nailed it and no one was in his league. My recap was published on April 29 if you would like an overview of the entire forum.

This editorial was also published in The Reporter

A Vote For Opportunity

After listening carefully to all of the candidates for the office of State Assembly District 11, I hope Jim Frazier and Patricia Hernandez advance to the general election this November. They are the only viable candidates whom I believe will fully support women and people of color in Sacramento.

During a candidates forum that has been posted online (, the candidates were asked whether they supported affirmative action. Their answers were telling.

Mike Hudson said he does not support affirmative action. Len Augustine did not answer the question directly. Gene Gantt said he supports affirmative action, but that we need to look at its effects.

Frazier, Hernandez and Charles Kingeter were the only candidates who said they support affirmative action without equivocating.

As a person of color, the candidates’ respective positions on affirmative action are important to me.

Although opponents of affirmative action would have us believe that the policy supports hiring unqualified blacks and Mexicans at the expense of qualified white men, the policy does no such thing.

Affirmative action gives qualified people of color and women — including white women, who have benefited greatly from that policy — a chance at university and the workplace.

Therefore, when candidates say they do not support affirmative action, they are saying they do not support equal opportunity.

Similarly, when candidates say they are unsure about affirmative action, they are really saying they are unsure about equal opportunity.

That is why I hope Frazier and Hernandez advance to the general election this November. In my opinion, they are the only viable candidates fully committed to equal opportunity for everyone.

Mister Phillips, Esq.


The author is an attorney, alternate member of the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee and regional director of the California Democratic Party African-American Caucus. — Editor


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