Frazier Takes High Road as Opponents Begin Attacks

Oakley Councilman Jim Frazier, who is the Democrats preferred candidate of choice in the Assembly District 11 race, has come under attack in the last 24-hours by two newspapers who are ran two articles to try and discredit the Oakley Councilman and sway voters.

In my opinion, the articles were cheap shots and were juvenile at best.  But what I enjoy most about this situation is even with the attacks, Jim Frazier has decided to take the road less traveled and decided not to retaliate by throwing mud back at his opponents.

In fact, it’s been a stance he’s showcased since I’ve been following the race all the way back in November. He apparently wants to win on what he has accomplished, not because of trashing his opponents like they are doing to him because he is the front runner. If anything, it shows that he has a great big heart and doesn’t want to hurt anyone by playing political games.

In all my time I’ve spent at forums and researching this race, I’ve never seen him publically state anything bad against his opponents. It’s honorable that he doesn’t sink to their level nor should he with the support he has and the money he has raised–all he needs are the voters to turn out and he is fine.

With that being said, if the last 24-hrs is not motivation enough for the Democratic Party to protect their seat, I do not know what else could do it. I’d strongly urge a “get out the vote blitz” in order to ensure enough voters get to the poll so Frazier can advance to the November election.

My hope is voters can see through these attacks and become turned off by them. The reality is these two candidates are desperately trying to get headlines to draw votes away from Frazier. It appears to be a case of sour grapes while newspapers appear more interested in making news as opposed to reporting it.

One thing is clear, it appears the Patricia Hernandez and he Mike Hudson campaigns are working together to take out Frazier—like I said, the Democrats had better “get out the vote”.

The reality is one endorsement did not deserve a full newspaper article and a mail out by an opponent as if h was throwing it in Frazier and the Democrats face.  Truthfully, its not going to make or break the race, but let this be a reminder of why Democrats should go to the polls in order to ensure Mr. Frazier makes it passed the June 5 Primary.

The irony over these hit pieces is while a candidate can be proud of a single endorsement of a mayor; Jim Frazier has many more endorsements in Antioch which include the vice-mayor, a city councilwoman to go along with law enforcement and firefighters. He also has three Mayors (Brentwood, Pittsburg, and Oakley) supporting him from East County.

In fact, Mr. Frazier has a lot more support all-around in both Contra Costa and Solano County than any candidate.  With nothing to stand on, it’s apparent that for the next 5 days Jim Frazier will be dodging mud thrown his way.

Mr. Frazier doesn’t need to throw mud, he can simply hang his head high on his long list of endorsements while others scramble.

Endorsement List (Partial)

Congressman John Garamendi
Congressman Jerry NcNerney
Congressman George Miller
Congressman Mike Thompson
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
State Senator Mark DeSaulnier
State Senator Loni Hancock
State Senator Lois Wolk
Assemplymember Susan Bonilla
Assemblymember Joan Buchanan
Retired Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla
Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston
Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson
Supervisor John Gioia
Supervisor Federal Glover
Supervisor Karen Mitchoff
Antioch Mayor Pro Tem Wade Harper
Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor
Brentwood Councilmember Joel Bryant
Fairfield City Councilmember Rick Vaccaro
Fairfield City Councilmember John Maraz
Oakley Mayor Kevin Romick
Oakley Vice Mayor Carol Rios
Oakley Councilmember Pat Anderson
Pittsburg Mayor Ben Johnson
Pittsburg Vice Mayor Nancy Parent
Pittsburg Councilmember Sal Evola
Pittsburg Police Officers’ Association
Rio Vista Mayor Jan Vick
Ambrose Recreation and Park District Board Member Steve Hoagland
Antioch Unified School Board Chair Diane Gibson-Gray
Antioch Unified School Board Member Joy Motts
Pittsburg Unified School Board President Laura Canciamilla
BART Director Joel Keller
California Labor Federation
Contra Costa Central Labor Council
Napa-Solano Central Labor Council
Contra Costa Building & Construction Trades Council
Napa-Solano Building & Construction Trades Council
State Building & Construction Trades Council of California
UFCW Local 5
Firefighters Local 1230
Contra Costa Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
Peace Officers’ Research Association of California
PORAC Bay Area Chapter
DEIU California State Council
Teamsters Join Council 7
California Democratic Party
California Young Democrats
Operations Engineers Local 3
The California Nurses Association
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
California Apartment Association
California State Employees Association
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
Association of Criminalist – Department of Justice
Association of Conservationist Employees
Association of Deputy Commissioners
Association of Motor Carrier Operation Specialists
Association of Motor Vehicle Inspectors of California
Association of Special Agents – Department of Justice
California Association of Criminal Investigators
California Association of Food and Drug Investigators
California Association of Fraud Investigators
California Association of Regulatory Investigators and Inspectors
California Association of Special Investigators
California Association of Law Enforcement Employees
California Highway Patrol – Public Safety Dispatchers Association
California Organization of Licensing Registration Examiners
Resources Protection Peace Officers Association
Fire Marshalls and Emergency Services Association
Hospital Police Officers Association of California
State Employed Firefighter Association


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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