Mr. Borland Fibs on Fraziers Track Record

The detestable Ron Borland is at it again as the Contra Costa Times ran another  distasteful Guest Commentary he wrote which took a cheap shot at Oakley Councilman and AD-11 candidate Jim Frazier.  While Mr. Frazier clearly has taken the high road, that doesn’t mean I have to follow his lead as someone who loves my City and is tired of Mr. Borland’s anti-Oakley opinions.

If Mr. Borland wants to continue to attack Oakley, that’s his prerogative, but he at least can be honest with his comments and his true agenda. You see, what Mr. Borland failed to disclose during his little Commentary is that he is an advocate for Mr. Frazier’s opponent in the AD-11 race—Patricia Hernandez.

I’d urge people to consider the source who is clearly anti-Frazier and supporting another candidate. It should also be known Mr. Borland has called Frazier “damaged goods” via Facebook.

My goal here is not to attack Mr. Borland because that would be to easy considering all his empty accusations and Letters to the Editor, but let’s set the record straight once and for all on Mr. Frazier’s record which Mr. Borland and others like to trash based on a single incident–essentially they have cherry picked and ignore the overall record of not only Frazier, but the entire city council.

In his Guest Commentary, Mr. Borland made the statement that “We have a plethora of “damaged” candidates to vote against” but then only named Mr. Frazier.  He then goes on to question his track record based on a single incident which an investigation was declined by the DA making it a dead issue.

So what is this track record Mr. Borland likes to trash? For starters, it’s not hard to Google his story.

Mr. Frazier first got a taste of politics through the tragedy of his daughter dying in a car accident and worked with CALTRANS, local and state representatives to try and fix the road. He was successful after much hard work. Since then, he does not seek sympathy for the accident nor does he want kudos for fixing a major road problem, he simply never wanted to see another family deal with the loss of a child or family member like he did—its admirable.

Shortly after the tragedy, he and his wife started a non-profit called the Network of Care. The foundation provides food bags to parents of children who are in the hospital so they do not have to leave their child’s bedside – recently they just hit 100,000 families fed. Mr. Frazier also created the Friends of Oakley, which provided Christmas baskets (dinner and toys) to nearly 300 Oakley families this past year.

When it comes to his City Council record, Mr. Frazier has been fantastic as he helped ensure the City has a 30% reserve as other cities struggle.  As a democrat, he has worked to protect our city funds.

There are many other instances where Mr. Frazier has helped residents that have gone unreported from cleaning up blight from vacant homes, to sidewalk improvements to helping residents in need—he doesn’t need or want the kudos, he simply wants to help where he can which I’ve personally witnessed. Many others can also testify.

Other accomplishments include working with local hospitals to help bring a doctor to Oakley with the opening of La Clinca this past December. He helped bring the first all-abilities playground to Oakley for special-needs children. He has also become a transportation leader in East County – successfully fighting for over $166 million in funds to improve Highway 4 and the Bypass. He brought a power plant and a number of jobs to the area.

When it comes to the Delta, he is the only candidate who has actually fought for the Delta and invested time to protect our water interests – most recently, he was appointed to the Delta Protection Commission.

In fact, he took heat by Mr. Borland missing the Oakley Chamber Forum because he was at the Delta Protection meeting actually protecting the Delta while his opponents simply talked about what they would do.  Seems to me he was acting on his promise to protect the Delta, not just giving an empty promise.

So while Mr. Borland wants to focus on one thing, voters need to look at the overall picture and see that Jim Frazier has a track record of many great successes and is the right candidate to represent AD-11.

For all this talk about track records, Mr. Frazier has an all-star career while Mr. Borland’s candidate of choice is still riding the pine having never been elected to any office. Mr. Borland is a hypocrite and is way off base with his continued comments.  The track record Mr. Frazier has is one of truly putting people before politics.

I am proud to be supporting Jim Frazier for Assembly based on his track record.


About burkforoakley

I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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