Yes, Kris Hunt Did Make Measure S About Pensions

Kris Hunt of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association is now going around social media claiming that she never made the argument against Measure S about pensions.  Again, she is fibbing and their is clear proof of this.

She is also going around claiming this blog is attacking her and calling her names. No, this blog is here to correct her and if she is lying, I am going to call her a liar.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand which is her claim that she never made the argument about pensions. Per her own post Via Oakley Watchdog she states the following.

Kris Hunt: We need not make pension reform the issue. CoCoTAX argued that this tax will not solve the financial problems of the district given what is being promised the voters. Part of that is related to pension costs. We believe safety is one of the primary functions of government – but you willfully mistake opposition to this tax as being anti-firefighters that is just not the case.

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That sounds nice, but on her argument against Measure S, there are three reasons she is encouraging a “No” vote. Pay attention to bullet two, which essentially is encouraging a reform of benefits and pensions.

Here are her three reasons

  • California unemployment/underemployment exceeds 21%
  • Public agencies everywhere are privatizing services, cutting back on BENEFITS AND PENSIONS, and doing whatever it takes to offer better value to taxpayers.
  • Parcel taxes and other fees on property tax bills are not deductible and the state has announced it will begin strict enforcement which will translate into millions in lost dedications.

Pensions are a major part of why the Contra Costa Taxpayer Association came after Measure S, it had nothing to do with supplying a solution. They wanted to use it to sling shot forward pension reform. With that being said, no one is disputing that pensions need to be looked at, but Measure S should not be used to do it.

If Kris Hunt and the Contra Costa Taxpayer Association  did in fact claim they have an interest in fixing the long term issue, they would have provided a full plan and been at each Board Meeting for several months touting their plan to the board as an alternative to Measure S.

On a smaller issue, Ms. Hunt is back to touting that voters never would approve a $200 parcel tax which is also a fib because there was never a poll done on Measure S, it was a $96 benefit assessment which was not pursued.  It was not perused due to being legally indefensible.

For the record, Measure S has nothing to do with pensions, it has everything to do with ensuring fire safety and emergency services remain the same and improve over time.  Without Measure S, we will lose 50% of our firefighters, and more stations will close. Response times will jump from 5 minutes to 15-minutes or longer. Insurance rates will jump–as states by the State Insurance Commissioner.

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2 Responses to Yes, Kris Hunt Did Make Measure S About Pensions

  1. Via Bob Mankin Facebook Post: Well said.

    Kris, the $96 plan you offered does not solve the problem either. In fact, it goes red with no personnel or station additions in year 2. How did that little detail get left out of your commentary?

    Measure S was never offered or advertised as a comprehensive fix to the district’s long term fiscal issues. If you had participated in the process and attended meetings, you would know this.

    Ms. Hunt, you have talked yourself into such a circle that you have forgotten what you wrote in the opposition statement to this measure. Let me refresh your memory:

    – Cut back on generous benefits. Firefighters can retire at age 50 with an annual pension at near full salary. Pension costs are projected to increase by 65% in five years based on District projections. –

    So as anyone who can read will plainly see, you did make it about pensions. Your disingenuous attempt to recharacterize your campaign at this late hour is pretty sad.

    You went even further in your opposition statement to suggest things which are not allowable under existing state and federal statutes. Such as leaving engines in station for medicals. With local governance and existing law, you cannot do that.

    I see you now complaining on your page that people are trying to suggest people are disputing your pension figures. You are wrong. Period. You are free to copy and paste any comment from proponents which support such claim.

    Absent passage of Measure S services will be reduced and stations will close. That is a fiscal reality. One which even you now see which is probably the reason for yours and Mr. Simonson’s attempts to now avoid directly addressing the scare tactic claims you have made. Statement of a fact is not a scare tactic. It’s called giving the voters the truth so that can make a properly informed decision at the polling booth.

    I believe you and Mr. Simonson should do a mirror check of your own with respect to accusations and name calling. You haven’t directly addressed any of the facts or questions that have been posed to the both of you. You only skirt and change the subject.

    You will own responsibility for the consequences of this measure failing if that is the result. As the org who drafted the opposition statement, I assume also paid for the filings, and then led this campaign, that comes with the territory whether you like it or not. If you cannot see your opposition is putting public safety in jeopardy, then you have no business holding the position that you do because you are completely out of touch with the full set of realities surrounding the issue.

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