Mankin: Hunt’s Rhetoric Deceived Voters

By Bob Mankin

Ms. Hunt has a problem with understanding the most basic of math problems. That is that you cannot run a 24/7 professional staffed fire station for $1.3M per. That is the expectation she came into this discussion with. That or she did deceive people into buying her “scare tactics” line.

I know for a fact that significant numbers of voters cast their ballot because they bought Ms. Hunts rhetoric and they do not believe that stations will close on July 1.

Imagine their surprise next Monday when that vote will have to be taken and the reality starts to hit. It won’t fully sink in for weeks though. Not until we have that first of many large disasters in East County that the fire department you helped gut will no longer be able to protect us from.

I were there at the fire fighter’s get together last night.

First time I had ever spent any significant time with these guys. Shaking hands to thank them for their efforts. Hearing their personal stories. Watching the shock of many who couldn’t believe they were just thrown under the bus by this poisonous and vilifying dialog.

The dialog organizations like Ms. Hunt’s are putting out about public employees in general.

These are real people, Ms. Hunt. Dedicated career people who just got put out of a job. Young guys, in many cases, who were in it for all the right reasons. Some of whom who moved here and passed on higher paying opportunities in other fire districts to join ECCFPD. Others who have lived here their whole lives and came up through the POC ranks to join the department. Many now facing uncertain futures in a tight job market. For those that will remain, shock that they are watching the guys who have had their backs day in and day out going away.

That’s the real story of what you accomplished, Ms. Hunt.

It’s too bad that people like you who engage in this less than honorable effort aren’t required to be exposed to its aftermath. Don’t have to see the looks on the faces of the people you directly impacted. These are honorable and dedicated men who just got steamrolled by a hack campaign led by your organization.

But that is just the beginning. The voters have spoken.

They answered to Ms. Hunt’s claim that it’s somehow about greed(which it isn’t) or that altering pensions will fix this(which it won’t). Ms. Hunt, you played the low information voter crowd to perfection with a repetitive, but false message that has led the community to the cliff. If you only had a clue about fire departments or had spent any time actually talking to the people who run them on the front lines, you would understand that it is every bit a critical public safety service as police. The resulting chaos from not having an adequate one is different, but still chaos.

Now we’re all going to get to see that firsthand. All of us in East County, that is. Because again, the result here doesn’t and was never going to impact you in the least.

Thank you to all the men of ECCFPD who fought for this campaign and did it with honor. And for Vince Wells, who led the effort. Even in defeat, I still see men holding their heads high and staying the professionals that they are. I’m honored to have been able to know you gentlemen.


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I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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3 Responses to Mankin: Hunt’s Rhetoric Deceived Voters

  1. jeff b says:

    Ok, now it is day 1 on the road to stability and sustainability for CCC fire/EMS. That road can be long or short spending on the guts, attitude and ability of the politicos & union. There are plenty of methods and ways for this to happen and there are ways on an interim basis to preserve service levels, especially for FD response to medical calls. The question is…. do those in control care at all about the public they swore to protect?

    The fire board and the union can no-longer refuse to look at all the options. The voters have spoken and now is the time for real action.

    If piepho and glover don’t show up in-person at the next ECCFPD board meeting then they fulfill my expectations for worthless political trash. If they show up then my apologies and good for them. And YES it is their problem as the fundamental key to the resolution is a NEW county wide fire/ems entity that pays no more than the national average for metro areas (about the current ECCFPD wage).

    And for those who don’t understand the significance of yesterdays vote let me point out that in this county every other ballot measure involving paying in more money received at least a 60% yes vote. Only measure S got less and it got hammered bad. People are sick of public sector unions and the attitude they project. They are sick of the crazy pensions, they are sick of debt and they are sick of mindless deficit spending attitude.

    But bigger than the measure S beat down were the related votes in San Jose and San Diego, not to mention WI. The message is the same everywhere…….the days of public sector union dominance and control are over. Compensation must be sustainable under todays reality and pensions cannot be anything but reasonable and pay as you go. The people have clearly voted for sanity going forward. Now those that have partaken of the insanity will need to get over the let down and either accept the paradigm shift or not get over it and be bitter for ever. Most business people have already accepted the new reality, now it is the public sector union folks turn.

    Do doubt many of the special interest zealots will continue to harp on the woman from the CCC no-tax group, get over it. The damage to your cause was done by you all and by the years of politicos doing stupid things…and besides the women you vilify had nothing to do with the votes in WI, SJ or SD tand hey turned out just like measure S. Give the voters some credit…you guys are not the only smart ones!

    piepho and glover, it is time to step up and earn your wage or you can continue to hide and dodge reality. Your choice!

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