Measure S: Hunt Claims No Money Spent on “No” Argument

No one likes a sore winner and today Kris Hunt of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association continues to take minor nudges at the Measure S folks. In fact, I am really beginning to think this woman is delusional as she claimed 48-hours ago she did not make Measure S about Pensions and today she is claiming CoCo Tax did not spend any money on the “No” position.

I already touched on the pensions fib on Monday, but more proof of this came from the Contra Costa Times article where she mentions the word pensions in the comments section below the article–clearly, she made this about pensions as opposed to public safety.

But what is asinine is this claim going around by both Ms. Hunt and Arne Simonsen that there was no money spent.  This is clearly a woman and group who do not want to take any responsibility for the consequences they now own.

Whether Ms. Hunt, Dave Roberts, or Walter MacVittie want to own it or not, its not their choice, their names are on the document.  They are forever tied to this.

Ms. Hunt posted the following Facebook post today:

“The poorly conceived Measure S for the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was solidly defeated at 56.44% against and only 43.56% in favor of this parcel tax. There was no money spent on the “No” position – CoCoTAX authored a ballot argument along with two courageous East County citizens who signed the rebuttal. The “yes” side not only had mailers and signs, they were telling the residents that half their stations would be closed, firefighters let go, and their insurance rates would go up. In the face of these threats the voters still said no.  It is to be hoped that both the fire district board and the firefighters union will learn from this profound message the voters sent.”

While it may be true it doesn’t cost money to write an argument or send letters to the editor, that is not what I am referring to. The asinine claim no money was spent is mind boggling. Ms. Hunt is PAID TO ARGUE BASED ON HER BOARD and members!

The firefighters were not paid to advocate on behalf of Measure S during off-hours as it would have been illegal to advocate during their shift. I was not paid to advocate on behalf of Measure S. Bob Mankin was not paid to advocate on Measure S. Others who wrote Letters to the Editor were not paid to advocate on Measure S.

The only one who was paid in this entire process was the consultant hired and Kris Hunt.  By the way, did you know Ms. Hunt is actually paid more than our firefighters? How is that for irony!

The second question that needs to then be brought up is who is paying her salary? It’s the members full of corporations and big business.  These are the Association Fees according to the CoCoTax website.

  • Corporate Membership – $5,000
  • Large Business – $500
  • Small Business – $300
  • Professional – $150
  • Individual – $50
  • Meeting Sponsor – $250

Finally, what members of CoCoTax benefit directly from Measure S failure? Are there banks involved?Are there insurance companies involved?  There is no Form 990 on their website to show the money of this organization–not even a members list. No where does it list how many members the they have.

To go a step further, on election night she posted the following:

“Watching the results of East County Fire Protection District. If this measure is defeated it sends a very powerful message to firefighters.” 

Within that same comment thread, she stated, if this measure goes down to defeat, it really makes a strong statement. We spent nothing – just wrote a ballot argument. The firefighters spent a lot of money. Voters were told stations would close, services cut, and their insurance costs would rise. If the numbers hold—whoa……..what a message that sends.

This woman is jabbing at the ECCFPD Board who meets Monday. Clearly, station closers, services cuts, and other promises will begin to work itself out over the next month. Meanwhile, as for the insurance rates, it will trickle in over time, it will not occur at one time as not everyone bought their house on the same exact date.

Again, for someone who lives out of District, she does not have to live with the consequences of her actions as the rest of East County does–she instead gets to be paid to moves onto CONFIRE to start the pension argument on their upcoming Measure.

I would encourage Ms. Hunt to attend Monday’s meeting and offer her solution going forward. Does she recommend the three station model or the four station model? Does she have a solution the board could consider?

I believe now is the time for her to shine and present this plan that she believes is better than what the Board spent years working on.

Response to Mr. Paul Seger:

Finally, I’d like to address Oakley resident Paul Seger who had some kind words for me today in a private Facebook group (don’t worry, someone emailed them to me Paul). Mr. Seger seems to want to contradict himself where he spoke nicely of the Measure in the Oakley Watchdog, but then turned his back on the Measure in the Oakley, CA Tomorrow Group.

This is the kind of two-faced behavior Oakley deals with on a daily basis from this guy. Anyway, here is is post that I would like to respond to.

Taking a look at the responses on watchdog, some of the firefighters have issues. How long will they berate the community for not voting for the tax? The fire department needs to stop being used as a political tool of Oakley and Brentwood… they are so polarized! They turned the people off by following Mike Burkholders suggestion early on to make the campaign about one of fear… and appeal to the emotions, not respectfully educating the community.

First of all, how dare he accuse the firefighters of berating the community! These are professionals and are an asset to our community which is more than what I can say for him and his behavior within the community.

Second, I really did wish they used more emotion than they used and I will not back down from that statement. This claim that they did not educate is a complete joke in an order to attack me. The Board held 20+ educational sessions which got them very little results based on the effort used to host those sessions.  Doing the math, if you had 50 people at each session, you only reach 1,000 voters. A total of 13,358 voted yesterday.

To further show low little Mr. Seger knows about what education was performed, the firefighters further educated folks by leaving door hangers, walked precincts, hosted conversations, and phone banked.

Finally, to correct Mr. Seger, it was actually Ms. Hunt who went emotional as I said she would by attaching salary and pensions to the debate.  Salary and pensions is a very emotional topic in America today and anyone stuck defending it will lose regardless of how true one’s statements are.  The majority of education Mr. Seger claims was not done was actually in response to the pension issue.

So while I can appreciate Mr. Seger bringing up my name yet again,  he really proved my point that he is a community terrorist that throws multiple things out to see what sticks in order to be controversial.

Mr. Seger, leave the firefighters alone!


About burkforoakley

I call it like I see it . I love my city, I love my community and I want what is best for the people around me. Do the right thing, I will support you. Do the wrong thing, I will oppose you!
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9 Responses to Measure S: Hunt Claims No Money Spent on “No” Argument

  1. jeff b says:

    Ok, now it is day 1 on the road to stability and sustainability for CCC fire/EMS. That road can be long or short depending on the guts, attitude and ability of the politicos & union. There are plenty of methods and ways for this to happen and there are ways on an interim basis to preserve service levels, especially for FD response to medical calls. The question is…. do those in control care at all about the public they swore to serve?

    The fire board and the union can no-longer refuse to look at ALL the options. The voters have spoken and now is the time for real action.

    If piepho and glover don’t show up in-person at the next ECCFPD board meeting then they fulfill my expectations for worthless political trash. If they show up then my apologies and good for them. And YES it is their problem as the fundamental key to the resolution is a NEW county wide fire/ems entity that pays no more than the national average for metro areas (about the current ECCFPD wage).

    And for those who don’t understand the significance of yesterdays vote let me point out that in this county every other ballot measure involving paying in more money received at least a 60% yes vote. Only measure S got less and it got hammered bad. People are sick of public sector unions and the attitude they project. They are sick of the crazy pensions, they are sick of debt and they are sick of mindless deficit spending attitude.

    But bigger than the measure S beat down were the related votes in San Jose and San Diego, not to mention WI. The message is the same everywhere…….the days of public sector union dominance and control are over. Compensation must be sustainable under todays reality and pensions cannot be anything but reasonable and pay as you go. The people have clearly voted for sanity going forward. Now those that have partaken of the insanity will need to get over the let down and either accept the paradigm shift or not get over it and be bitter for ever. Most business people have already accepted the new reality, now it is the public sector union folks turn.

    No doubt many of the special interest zealots will continue to harp on the woman from the CCC no-tax group, get over it. The damage to your cause was done by you all and by the years of politicos doing stupid things…and besides the women you vilify had nothing to do with the votes in WI, SJ or SD and they turned out just like measure S. Give the voters some credit…you guys are not the only smart ones!

    piepho and glover, it is time to step up and earn your wage or you can continue to hide and dodge reality. Your choice!

  2. Bob says:

    Psssssst……….Jeff……you won.

    Why all the rage?

    Calling people derogatory names and expecting them to give your ideas the time of day?

    Interesting approach.

    Takes 3 votes to move a measure through the BoS. So which 3 are you figuring will forward a plan that undermines their constituency just to subsidize you?

    • jeff b says:

      I did not win anything and an attitude like that says a lot. we all lost along time ago when those in-charge of our public safety lost sight of reality and caved to special interest.

      now while the issue is hot is the time to begin the real fix. why wait? on a national, regional and local level the voters have made a clear choice to vote against the massive debt racked up my lucrative union programs that are un-sustainable.

      What I think of the politicos and what they think of me does not matter. this is not about me, it is about doing the job they signed up for (finally). they need to get on with it or I guess they can just continue to sit back and hide some more….but doing so will seal their political fate……so hey I’m doing them a favor by calling them out.

      piepho and glover need to quickly come forward and tell us of thier plan to fix fire/ems in this county. even they can figure out what is going to happen to any Nov Con Fire ballot measure. I don’t hold them in high regard but I don’t think they are naive enough to think the voters are going to have some massive change in outlook between now and then….and always remember Con Fire who gets paid the same as NYC (20% above the national avg) can not even begin to cry poor.

      • Jeff, why are you putting this on Federal Glover and Mary Piepho? You have a plan, you have put it in the newspaper, please come to the Board meeting Monday (if you can make the trip down from Truckee) and present it to the Board. Why are you relying on others if you have the answer?

  3. Bob says:

    Jeff, it’s the simple fact that you don’t get to zero out vested pension plans or cancel collective bargaining agreements. It’s a legal thing. Plus your earlier suggestion that people will do this job for free in this day and age is a joke.

    We cannot go another step in even having a serious discussion until you answer my earlier question. If you are going to go down this path, then show how you are going to get ultimate passage. Indicate which 3 Supervisors are going to dictate to the people they serve that they will be subsidizing you in Discovery Bay. Then indicate how you are going to get the involved agencies to agree to your plan. Because the laws on the books clearly state, that without their buy-in, you’re going nowhere.

    I only saw 2 choices on my ballot. 1 was to vote in a $197 parcel tax to save existing service levels and eventually ramp them to something comparable to ConFire. The other was to say no and deal with the circumstances. Where did you get your ballot that says a “no” vote was to force people to engage in pension reform. Pension reform, btw, which is already in progress.

    Did you confuse our ballot with the one in Truckee?

    This issue is about ECCFPD. You keep wanting to drag ConFire into it when it’s convenient. The vote taken was not about ConFire.

  4. Lynindiscobay says:

    I am just a regular ole voter who was very interested in this measure as I live in the affected areas. Now I don’t know Jeff or Bob or any of the rest of you, but I can surely see that those who supported Measure S are taking this a bit personally and that is not what the NO vote was about. It was about the clearly out of control unions and pensions and those politicians or board members or whoever the heck is responsible for giving in to the utterly unsustainable benefits agreed to. One can surely see that folks are SICK of taxes, no matter what they are for…the cigarette tax even failed. That has to be a first in this state!

    And I will tell you another thing…it was people that looked into this that persuaded those that believed the “scare tactics” to stand up and say NO. I never even saw a NO sign in all of Discovery Bay, but I sure saw several YES signs, professionally done!

    So, BurkforOakley…take it like man and quit being so nasty about other peoples opinions. This was not personal! It was the people standing up and saying enough is enough. Unfortunately if they had asked for maybe half or a third of the requested amount they might have gotten it..MAYBE…after all at the end of the day, it was ANOTHER TAX!

  5. Welcome back Mark… nice to hear from you again!

  6. Bob says:

    realist, you’ll be in good company over there at CCTPA with big oil, developers and the banks who fund the organization. aka special interests.

    But you knew that, right?

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