June 12 Oakley City Council Agenda Overview

Rather than simply posting the agenda, I thought I’d do something a little different going forward by hitting the highlights of the meeting.

Item 1.3: Update Regarding East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Activities (Hugh Henderson, Fire Chief)

This will be an interesting update considering Monday the ECCFPD will make its decision on a service model for East County. While Oakley will have 1 of the stations that remain open Oakley, services levels will be affected until a long term plan is created.

Item 3.6:  Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Two Vehicles From Folsom Lake Ford In a Total Amount Not to Exceed $50,000 (Bani Kollo, Chief of Police)

Some may question why City funds are being spent out of the County, this purchase came down to availability and price. Ford is no longer making the Crown Victoria and the local dealers don’t have the vehicles. From what I have been told, as well as it being in the staff report, the city did try to go local first (Bill Brandt Ford & Diablo Ford), but none were available to the specifications requested. Oakley got an even better deal even below the State bid.  With money being tight, the city cannot afford to make mistakes on new vehicles—stick with what they know.

Item 3.7: Adopt a Resolution Approving a Lease Agreement with Jorge Velasquez and Vincent Jett Doing Business As Make Me An Offer Auction Store for Property Located at 3510 Main Street, Oakley, California and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Said Lease Agreement (Cecelia Nichols-Fritzler, Economic Development Coordinator)

According to the staff report, Jorge Velasquez and Vincent Jett approached Staff with a proposal to open a retail store selling used furniture, used appliances, and a variety of household goods. The business model is a second-hand store operated by the owners as a partnership. Mr. Velasquez and Mr. Jett would like to provide the community with a retail store specializing in quality secondhand merchandise that they purchase through auction from storage facilities.

Not a bad idea to have one of these in Oakley, even better for them is rent is just $560 per month plus about $6,085 in improvements.  I can appreciate the staff recommendation which for the first six months is $560, and $760 for the next six months after. Should the lease last beyond one year, it jumps to market value

3.8     Adopt a Resolution Approving the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Sale of 3090 Main Street  to Rogelstad-Thorpe, LLC and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Said Agreement (Bryan Montgomery, City Manager)

Can’t complain as the principals of the company, Jerry Thorpe and Tony Rogelstad, are the owners of the existing ACE Hardware in Oakley and are partners in other nearby ACE Hardware stores. They hold the winning bid of $1,300,000 which includes a development plan. The beauty of this bid is the appraisal for the Oakley Plaza Property came in at $1,398,000. This will be a major asset to downtown upon completion.

3.9      Adopt a Resolution Approving the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Sale of 3110 Main Street to Cross Development and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Said Agreement (Bryan Montgomery, City Manager)

Not a fan of this plan and I believe the City could hold out for better, but I can see why the council approved it as they do not want an empty building sitting within our downtown across from City Hall.   I don’t have to like it, but let’s just hope this turns out better than I think it will in terms of effecting other businesses such as Raley’s, Luckey’s, and Walgreens.

With that said, the appraisal came in at $474,069 while the winning bid was $630,000 submitted by Cross Development who plans to put DG Market (Dollar General Market) at the location.  Like I said, I don’t have to like it, but the City would be foolish to turn this down considering the appraisal and work required to fix the CentroMart building.





a)   Discussion Regarding Allowing Residential Beehives  (Randy Pope, Councilmember)

This one is a bit interesting to me as to the reasoning behind it.  There will be a discussion on revising the Oakley Municipal Code to allow beehives in residential zoning districts (currently, beehives are only allowed in agriculturally-zoned areas).


7.1   Strategic Plan Discussion with Staff Comments (Nancy Marquez, Assistant to the City Manager)

This is a nice document that is not yet finalized. I’d encourage you to take a look at it.



Full Agenda Can be located on the city Website



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