Roberts Slips: Pension Numbers Did not Apply to ECCFPD

It’s Friday night and I will not let anything get past me as I want to send out a major kudos to Richard Carvalho for a courageous post which included his rank, salary, and pension which caused Dave Roberts to slip and confirm what those of us in East County already knew which was he had fibbed from day one about the ECCFPD pension problem.

Mr. Roberts stated, “We also can’t afford $200,000 salaries and benefits, retirement at age 50 and $100,000, $200,000 and $300,000 pensions. Taxpayers are tapped out. Government must learn to live within its means.”

Later in the thread, he admits his exampled was directed at Vince Wells, President of Local 1230. Mr. Roberts was apparently using Mr. Wells salary as a way to polarize him to look like the enemy. Personally, Mr. Wells deserved every penny of his salary, but that is another topic in itself, back to the topic at hand.

Which is when Carvalho jumped in with his post.


You pull fake numbers out of the air.

I’m currently a Fire Captain until July 1st … Third rank down from the top and I make $5000.00 per month. Times that by 12 and that’s a whopping $60,000.00 a year.

If I retire here at age 50 with 20 years in I will draw a $3000.00 a month pension. Times that by 12 and it is a $36,000.00 a year pension.

As I’m sure you know my position is a Social Security exempt position and I’m not eligible to receive those benefits.

Your logic and your numbers just don’t add up.

You haven’t won a victory against greedy politicians or saved the citizens against unfair taxation… You killed a fire district, helped lay off great firefighters and put the citizens at risk.

I wouldn’t be to proud if I were in you position, I would be ashamed.

In response, this is when Mr. Roberts slipped as you read between the lines, none of his explanation refers to East County, but rather CONFRIE and Contra Costa County Retirees Association.

Richard, actually those numbers are from county records.

When I wrote about firefighters receiving $200,000 in salary and benefits I was thinking of Vince Wells, who led the Measure S effort. Vince received $207,844 last year from taxpayers in salary and benefits.

That’s great for Vince. But it’s not so great for the taxpayers who have to pick up the tab. As a result ConFire, where Vince works, will be seeking a tax hike in November.

When I listed pensions of $100,000, $200,000 and $300,000, I was referring to data from the Contra Costa County Employees’ Retirement Association.

Forty percent of county employees receiving pensions greater than $100,000 worked for fire districts. More than half of those with pensions greater than $200,000 worked for fire districts. The top pension of more than $300,000 belongs to a former fire district employee.

Again, this is great for those employees, but not so great for taxpayers who have to pick up the tab.

The governmental “industry standard” of generous salaries and benefits must change. Taxpayers – most of whom will have to wait to 65 or later to retire and then will receive much less than $36,000 from Social Security – are tapped out.

This disparity between what government employees want to receive and what taxpayers can afford to provide is not a matter of being proud or ashamed. It’s just a fact.

As you can see, one of the above in his statement applies to ECCFPD which is what he ran with for the last two months and apparently decided to finally correct himself.

This list Mr. Roberts continues to bring up is fair game and I encourage you to go look at it as no one from the ECCFPD made the list because none of them have a $100,000 pension.

The proof that he is lying is because he continues to say “look at the list” but fails to provide a single name. If it’s one or two people, provide the names. Don’t give us the speech about “look at the list”, just tell us the names of who you are referring to in ECCFPD.

And on a side note, when Mr. Robers wants to provide a list of Chiefs, they no longer are union and negotiate their own contracts, but Mr. Roberts leaves that part out.

Again,  we all should applaud Mr. Carvalho for being courageous for causing the slip by Mr. Roberts about what he was actually referring to which was not ECCFPD. Mr. Roberts knew what he was doing and ran with it, shame on him!

Maybe the media who printed his garbage will issue a correction, but who am I kidding? Maybe next time the media will actually fact check and correct him prior to printing such pension lies about ECCFPD.

Thanks for this yellow journalism contributing to the defeat of Measre S, the District and those within it will now have to pay the ultimate price for that deception.


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