I love my community and everything the City of Oakley has to offer. This is a community with so much potential and growth opportunity, it excites me. My hope is this blog will educate the community on the happenings of the city and surrounding areas.

As a former journalist, I will also watch our local government closely and question them from time to time.  My hope is by breaking down complex issues, it will allow others to be engaged with the city. I want what is best for my community and the people around me.

As my slogan states, “Oakley First, I call it like I see it”, this blog will serve as a way that we all can work together to improve the city and promote greater transparency.

Thanks for visiting,

Mike Burkholder


2 Responses to About

  1. C. Jackson says:

    Read your article about the appear of Mary Piepho and her town meeting. Please do not be fooled by the sheep’s clothing. Many in East County have been critical of her and her husband’s own political agenda. If you would like more facts about her past performance regarding Discovery Bay, Knightsen and Byron please let me know. Mary Piepho has many many constituents she has out and out lied to and does not have East Counties interest at hand only her own. Good Luck.

    • Flint's bad eye says:

      I just wanted to point out the fact that C.Jackson is a known Mary Piepho antagonist. Mary Piepho could lay a golden egg and give it to Carol Jackson and Ms. Jackson would do nothing but complain that the egg wasn’t platinum.

      If you want facts, do research, talk to Mrs. Piepho, look at the record. Make up your own mind.

      At least Ms. Jackson is no longer committing voter fraud by pretending to live in Discovery Bay.

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